Really It is Labor, Working Class Corner

Photo of posters on the wall at IGX

IGX is my local conflict royal with management administration of the local community airport.

At war with labor are the corporations who going back even stopped slave labor being the norm. Making it all about Black and White as if one were superior to the other keeps us divided and distracted from the common War on Us and Make Hate War and TV Land helps.

Ignorant racist young white guy kills in a church. I am reminded that more Blacks could read and write in Wilmington prior to the coup of 1899. America changed from a mythic nice guy amongst nations to an Imperialist Colonialist like the rest of the Old World then. The power of the Speaker Tom Reed couldn’t stop the war fever for Cuba.

Local to the State of NC there were two things I was working on besides the ID voter registration work with distro boxes I made for forms and information about government issues. I have been acting as if I was in my seat of the Airport Authority, which is hard to run with since there seems a dearth of support.

Three people have corresponded and one on the phone. I’ve gotten information like 30 years or digging up the landfill for the airport and a road problem and residential and office space land grabs like I even said if anywhere I’d do eminent domain it would be out there where the buses and UPS and train tracks and hazardous materials and NASA land is there and being attacked for its perfection of landlocked and population and transportation links. The airport could be put there after it seeps for 30 years the engineer told me. The University also owns a lot of that landfill land I heard.

All I want to do is keep it so the standard twins of commercial general and private aviation can get in and out of Orange County. I want no break in the continuum. The County Commissioners ought take the infrastructure of our transportation network seriously regarding all forms. It isn’t right that “best practices” of airport management are not allowed. The Hegemon that the University is has rights and also responsibilities.

Fracking is bad for the water even if it isn’t yet your water and the Fracking isn’t renewable like hog wastes and chicken wastes, so to approve of Fracking is a bad way to govern in light of better energy alternatives.

Solar is great and needs to be more expanded. And I see the sea as the big boy.

I am just going by what the engineers will tell you. Bad government makes too many people poor. It is a form of corruption to sabotage livelihood opportunities for the working classes.

Since the Corporations are so stingy and without pressure like bombings and shaming and all the other things that were done violently out of necessity of the people who died for the good life that was given some for 20 or 30 years labor knows how much blood it can take.

Do we really have to go to that stage? The passage of a Federal living wage that was no less than 15 dollars an hour, or and state minimum wages are all that might stave off the violence that gets peoples attention. And Black and White Labor are just labor, or wage slave labor if you want to go there. One is better than the other.

You ought be able to get to anywhere in the world in 4 hours from anywhere in the US.

For that to be possible all the modes must be timed and the switches to channel you from anywhere 3 miles from your home to a same place in four hours. Speed and reach are what it takes to win.