Technical Difficulties

Mondale & Red Wife

(c) Russell Scott Day first time published here.

First off I can say I am now able to call myself a music producer. The composition “Beatniks and Spiders” is in the can, cut, in the works. It will be figured out. It will be published via createspace.

I can say however to others that you need to simply use what is now called a PC to make it happen because I tunes, which is the Mac default for audio and even your little or big movies you might make, does not play well with others.

If you live in Rochester NY I’d appreciate it if you called WBER and asked them to play “Beatniks and Spiders” by Outdoor Cats. You can’t yet buy it, but that isn’t all of the point. I made the thing and it is a battle to defeat the failed artist Hitler, in the failed artist becomes Politician dictator since he didn’t make enough money selling his landscapes. Something about Hitler as an artist, pissed the academics off. They didn’t accept him into their school.

Growing up with Hitler I got the impression that Artists were not even supposed to ever try and become political leaders because of how Hitler turned out.

As the Grand Artist and Founder of Transcendia, which became the work of conceptual art, I want to do as much good as Hitler did bad, and I must be an artist regardless. My early recognition came from my poems.

I’ve given speeches. The best experience giving a speech didn’t seem to be as great at the time as it does now. I got a permit to speak at Dag Hammerskold Park, Plaza, is maybe the better word. I was at loose ends and broke and alone in my apartment. I remember that. I remember some lonely scene before I went to the place and showed the Transcendian Flag and spoke to no one. I doubt even the cop that the City sent heard anything I said.

I was glad they sent a cop to watch me though. He was a motorcycle cop on a white Harley.

Dag Hammerskold Plaza is made of rocks, cut rocks, rocks cut and arranged. It isn’t very big a place. It is the kind of place where you sit on a bench and have your lunch and maybe learn about Dag Hammerskold since it is named for him. I’ve forgotten whatever it was I knew about Dag Hammerskold. I think he was shot down.

Early on people all over the world put a good deal of hope in the UN. It was fairly wrecked by ideals that didn’t work and were abandoned for Zionism and the Korean War.

The UN was supposed to really become the “Government of Governments”.

I recognized that this was an impossibility because nations want unfettered sovereignty. They are in the UN for whatever is in it for them. Institutions and sociological realities cut off the head of the UN. What I mean is it is not going to be allowed to dictate any conditions that upset the community of nations competitive wins and losses of power of as war and war games.

In the stated goal of ending all war, war is then guaranteed. The goal is too big to be achieved. Mankind must have war. There are warriors who are destined to fight. Getting the best warriors to fight for your borders and your people and lastly your ideals is what the leaders attempt to do.

Transcendia overcomes the impossibility of a Government of Governments by being a government it all governments. This can work.

Follow me, I am the great leader of a Grand nation of airports. See my flag and you see freedom and security at the same time, there on the Silk Road.

I accept war.

I want warriors who believe in me and what I am trying to do. I am trying to do as much good as Hitler did bad.

Getting rid of all the Weapons of Mass Destruction is a job that the UN could help with.

There would be plenty of war for the warrior class ensuring that no one could use the atomic bomb. For the warrior class working for the UN they would be at war all the time to prevent anyone or any “State” from getting the atomic bomb.

It would be intolerable for the Nation of Transcendia, a nation of vulnerable ports to do any more than any other nations killing those that would pursue atomic weapons.

My correspondence with Andre` Lewin was more than a boost of my ego. His plans and Points for Reinvention of the UN are sound. I want to take up his work where he was forced to leave off by death. He died in 2012.

Assad will find a home at the international airport. Assad would not want to go to Elba. Transcendia is a perfect out for the dictators of today. They end up at the airport with their stolen wealth anyway. We can make sure they have enough to live on in luxury if they want.

That was one point out of the Points of Reinvention of the UN that Transcendia was perfectly practical for.