Photo Identification NC

I’ve been calling people on a list. Their are lots of organizations that sure do know a good deal about us, is one thing that crossed my mind when I saw the list.
Of course there is a lot wrong with it. There are wrong numbers and disconnected numbers and no numbers at all.
I’m sort of glad it is so flawed, though when you think of people captured and done things to on the basis of incorrect lists, then that is terrible.
Kafka knew that world well.

These are the things you need to vote in 2016, which are basically a photo Identification from the DMV or a a current drivers license from the DMV. If you have an out of state license, and want to vote in the 2016 election, don’t register to vote till it is 90 days before the election.

NC Drivers License, learners permit or provisional license. Remember it must be unexpired.

NC special identification card for non-drivers.
US Passport
US military ID or veteran ID card.
Tribal enrollment card from a federally or NC recognized tribe.
Out-of-state drivers license, but only for the first 90 days after you register to vote in North Carolina.

November 3rd of 2015 there is an election for Aldermen, and the Mayor of Carrboro. There are some seats open or possible to be contested. As of this time there is no one running in opposition to Lydia Lavelle, who is the current Mayor of Carrboro.

Of late I read in the paper, the Chapel Hill News there will be more farming allowed in the buffer zone. I would like to see a downtown tall building farm, for food is the number one ingredient of peace and food security for the community ought be aimed for. It is sensible to know that all the food needed to sustain the population of the towns can be brought in and distributed from a known set of suppliers within 50 miles.

This area is similar to areas that the Romans resettled to as Rome was falling apart. Romans were not stupid. The corruption and population were clearly understood, as in this time we can see a great number of threats to individual security for one reason or another in the big urban centers where things happen and your youth is put to the test even. To make up for the backward, backwoods character of NC it is required you leave in your youth to gain skills, friends, and sophistication not possible for you in your orbits here. Here is now a place for the successful to escape to, as the Romans did escape and attempt to take care of themselves.

You’d have to be an idiot to not wonder what day NYC and LA were not bombed with a nuke. The prospect of Nuclear War in Ukraine is real for this summer according to intelligence free from IHS/Janes. North Korea wants to bomb somebody, and more than anybody else it is us. Apparently they have gotten to nuke missiles that will go on submarines. The waters around North Korea are real noisy, which means that a North Korean submarine may well get past the Sono system of listening microphones in the ocean around them.

Even if all nuclear weapons were outlawed by of a sudden sensible nations there would be work for killer subs after cheaters for ever. This ought keep the Military Establishment happy, for some are destined to be of the warrior class and they need something to give their lives meaning.

I have said that the Fallout Shelters of the 60s need to be restocked, since even in this out of the way State of the Union, when the bombs of the apocalyptic riot go off in Central Europe, NATO nations, there will be lots of radioactive rain.

It does piss me off that the IDs for all voters all have to be current, for it does mean some will have to spend money they don’t have. For the poor, and we know that 25 percent of all in NC are poor, 20 dollars is a big deal. An old expired Passport at the least ought have been left legal as an ID.

Far as knowing who and what and why to vote, it is going to take some real doing to see that improve. Those who listen to NPR will still be hard pressed to really have much idea about local issues and personalities.

I myself have walked into the voting booth and been surprised at my own ignorance, and I try, so I imagine what the typical voter might face.

Time rushing past a good deal faster than most of us want it to. In the local elections there is still some real democracy, so it would be good if all the people participated in the local elections. It is a sign of not much care about it that the Mayor runs unopposed.

Of the things I disliked about all from my experiences, it was that instead of moving forward with either working with me and whomever I could assemble to start an indigenous Modular Factory Building enterprise, and getting real about the Zoning, they hired another bureaucrat to help fill out forms.

It would be a better regular expense to pay for a staff engineer. A staff engineer would best be set to inventory land, and look at the zoning of that land to make sure it was sensible. A staff engineer ought be set to advising for all decisions about infrastructure on a daily basis. It is not unusual for the Town Manager to be as well that engineer. That is what I would prefer for the way of it.

My conversations with the County Engineers have been delightful, as they are pleasant, and professional. The way they are forced to operate by the politicians they answer to is cause for depression.

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