What will Happen when the Chinese Show Off?

Ways out as Write Downs

1930s moment. Fascism. War Clouds Economic slow dance of crashing.

I care about my dreams.  I’ve been trying to paint a dream of a moose licking the nipple of an aroused woman in a car.  She is in the forest, like a park.  I’ve not yet gotten it right except for the one that was using up paint.  My friend liked that one.  I was using up the paint.

I like it.  There is a lot wrong with it.  It looks like a Roman cave painting, crude.

I told my wife I was like a cave man artist, though there are supposedly better cave man cave painters than me.  They never signed their work.  They had names their wives knew, we can be certain they had names.

Why didn’t artists sign their work from the beginning? Writing was later, Much later.

The Chinese, all conformist, names are few.  Confucius.  Confucius is one of the known, last writers of the I Ching.  They got at writing one way and stuck with it.  Not the same for the West, and the history we care about.  We don’t care much for Chinese history really.

I found out the Chinese got puffed up and had wars too.  They had wars as big as Rome had.  Bigger.  We can have it translated from the first and read about it all.  What stands out to me is what they did with big ships.  About next to nothing really.  They sailed them around showing off.

Westerners went out there and robbed each other.  Westerners went out there planting their flags and claiming places for the Queen.

There was the Drug war, & hop out west.  Hop heads is where hip came from.  You ever done any opium?  I smoked some in some Nepalese Hashish.  Great high.  Could be a problem.

Hong Kong.  One of the triumphs of the criminal minds.

Locally there were Methodists sent over there to make Chinese Christians of the Methodist sort.  Inscrutable.  Works.  I was married to a Methodist.  I never knew they were anything.  But hey, they were Methodists.  Christians.  How far out there could they be?

Pretty far.  Made me sit up when I heard, saw in writing that Hillary claimed to be a Methodist.  Methodists and witches, I don’t want anything to do with either anymore.  Makes a difference.

I figured I was the best possible leader for my work combining the I Ching & the Bible.  Throw the I Ching & read the Readings from that at from the Bible by spiritual season.  I figured this ought to bring the West and the East together.

Chinese with their best stuff, they use it to show off.  They made a super computer.  They have to do a big hack with it.  They absolutely have to bring down the grid or something big like that with their Super Computer.

I’d let them.

Of course I’d have all these human beings standing around at the switches doing the phase line balances necessary to keep it all flowing.