Wet Dream

It was just as it had been only better. She was liquid pliant real and physical without any illusions after all this time. All round the face and hips and eyes.
Always she had been like a man about sex and the collection of partners was some private revenge and quest.
There was size and color of the body and member parts and all the inspiration men took in possession thrilled her for it was power waste.
Leave it as it really is and say “You Whore” as the endearment she loved in private.
“Every girl ought to do it for money at least once.”
It was impossible to insult her with whore or slut for that was fine with her. All was pleasure as a hedonist naturally finding it a jest of men to think because she was so good at it they could possess her.
Under and the leg up and his hands down and high head touching hips to hips entered a mound of venus roiling.
He had given her her snapper and he was going to enjoy it no matter what the cost.
Hs life and relations were all turned around.
He had done most all of it except for the S&M he couldn’t understand.
Tied up once he had started crying and begged for that to stop and never gone near any of that again.
Threesomes were always the others. But she somehow planted it as she was insane and willing beyond those amateurs. Most people.
With him after all the years she really didn’t care if now he understood her.,