Trolling Police Woman Succeeds

I could tell there would be no warning, no mercy from CM Ferrraro when she took my license back to her patrol car. White woman about 5’6″ a bit pudgy with the blank face. All by the book with no interest except in issuing a citation that would help add to the Kings coffers. Or in this case of this area where all must be the best with no expense spared for the equipment and some extra hands with good jobs and nothing to do but lurk in the parking lot where the poor or frugal shop.
I had no recollection of the sticker being needed having not driven much in 4 or 5 years now. My wife usually gets all we need and I rarely go out.
She has been very sick and sent me out for the medicines she needs to aid in her recovery or she will have to see a doctor.
So I was feeling good about going out for her.
Oh but the penalties will likely be waived if all is corrected, though you know they throw on the Court Costs for the dispensations and their trouble.
I could be as charged by the church before for dispensations of crimes. The Lord would want tax for the conduct of their wars.
If they weren’t more concerned with keeping the peace than extracting pounds of flesh from the poor, they’d not be so hated.
I trembled with hurt and anger for this ticket. I wanted to stick out my hand and give the police officer the finger but she had gotten in front of me and gone for more prey on her easy Sunday hunting in the Food Lion Dollar Store parking lot.
I want to know how many citations she writes and for what on Sunday the 24 th of May.
My wife gets little to run the household from me now that I am disabled and retired for all practical purposes.
I’ve experience with the police in three states. It was the New York City Cops of the East Village in the late 80s and early 90s that were the most reasonable and best for the ideal of peace keeping.
There was a cop in Alamance County that was decent to me.
The horrors of Greensboro police and Fort Lauderdale police and Rochester Highway Patrol brought me to tears.
I don’t know that it will be possible for me to forgive Officer Ferraro, and am reminded of the way the police think around and within our Communities.
She didn’t have any interest in all in getting to know me. I live here and I’ll get to see her again.
She probably needs to find justifications to keep her around if she is set to the easiest pool of possible malefactors when it comes to minor violations which are a ready source of income.
However it goes I’ll work at identifying the Judges and Aldermen to vote for that may have some influence over these cops.
Police are best when acting as peace keepers, and not as oppressors.

On the score of the charges for swimming in Carrboro and Chapel hill which add up when a poor family has children that need to be made as strong as only swimming will make them is not as it used to be. Public pools went away in Greensboro and many places during the integration that the Civil Rights Movement demanded.

No free and public swimming pool for such a supposedly fair and egalitarian community is a full sign of more hypocrisy set in place and accepted as the way. For the working class poor all getting $12.50 and hour if they are lucky, the charges for public access keep them down.

In the public sphere the fines have greatly increased, especially when there is no real way to feel as if one has won anything with the tack on of the Court Costs in all instances.

When I was living in the motel and making thirteen an hour a fine and court costs for a crime of poverty would have mean living in the car for a week at least. Pay for labor in the state of NC and most of the USA hasn’t gone up for 30 or 40 years.
Rents have doubled and gone up another 5th typically. What was a 350 a month place is 850 a month.

Of course if you are jammed into the really low classes of the 8 dollar an hour range, to stay around here you need to appeal to the governments and tell them everything about your life, your pitiful life. A revolt in the streets would have happened already if not for the isolation in the rolling boxes with radios required by all for life.

C.M.Ferraro is a type. Good hunting, easy and profitable for the department hanging there in the destination for the poor. Not the Weaver Street parking lot jammed where if I had gone I would not have suffered a citation. I’m sure she was very pleased with herself. I am aware of her type, the new woman in uniform with power.

She really ruined my day for no more questions after, “Did you know your Inspection and Registration was expired.”

“No.” as my wife has taken over taking care of me because I’ve been sick and to the hospitals and doctors so much as to exult if a week goes by and I don’t have to see a doctor.

She had put it off. I just put the insurance card in with my license. I’d not thought at all of the Registration, for all is now in her name. So balancing the money in light of rare driving on my part till she was sick I went out for the medicine and some meat.

Court Costs of 133 at the best is a lot of groceries where the poor shop for food.

In kindergarden the children need to learn the Scandinavian tongues since the socialist capitalist balance there is reported to be good to labor, and if instructions can be written for your job you are extra depending on exchange rates. The recent currency manipulations and the lay down of the US to the low peg for exchange with China all point to oppression of labor which does not engage in economic crimes because they want to.

No public free swimming pool and mostly all white kids swimming.

Wall Sculpture

My Last Wallet, wall assemblage