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Russell Scott Day in Sub Captain Uniform given to me by a supporter.

Russell Scott Day in Sub Captain Uniform given to me by a supporter.

Ironically one of my Transcendia supporters sent me the Ukrainian Sub Captains Uniform before the Separatist Russian war with the Nationalists. I do like the coat, but feel pretentious in the hat. It does make you stand a certain way so you do not look stupid. I put a Transcendian Flag badge on the coat and wore it for the Art by the Founder of Transcendia Carrboro Century Center show of January and February. I am influenced by Paul Fussell and his book Uniforms. Political leadership does call for a set of uniforms and I am grateful to my wife for my ceremonial sword. I have come to think that the police may well get themselves some swords to deal with the knife wielding attackers. It would be something between the pistol and with the added length appropriate for defense against a short knife. There is a photo in my future. I have not been photographed wearing my pistol and the Swoard, as I say it.
My daily uniform is the blue jeans, white shirt, boots and suspenders, though I’ve not worn boots in years for physical diminishment reasons.
Lets not worry about footwear then.
Some of my point going forward is that I did have supporters amongst engineers on the website CR4. I was crushed as I got more powerful by the fearful and childish administration. I did need the support of the engineers there, but it has faded away.
In my proposed run for the US Senate I am looking to NC State and A & T, which are the NC schools of engineering and science. As I have had the unique ability to speak for pilots, not being threatened with job loss for stepping on the toes of the more powerful, I sense now that the engineering community could use my help the say way.

Being old, retired, disabled has some advantages I see. I might well say I am a cripple. I joked that since all I contribute is my Social Security I am already working only for the government. If actually paid 370 thousand a year I’d have the money to hire aides employed specifically to help me take my medicines and appear in committee and for votes. Whatever supporters I might gain for my views and abilities, along with this vast working experience can take this into account. Do they want to see me get the paycheck to really be beholden to them, or to some person who can retreat to bigger money as a lobbyist or attorney consultant?

Town Hall Precinct has achieved two victories in that the news and info distribution boxes I made for flyers and other Voter Information have found places. One was set at Hargraves Community Center, and the other at the Looking Glass Coffeeshop. The Democratic Precinct Town Hall will need help having even these filled.

I will do all I can to have important news put into these wooden racks made from really fine scraps. I am flush right now. If you are part of the precinct and need some usable pieces of Plywood, I’ll share.

I turned on the TV and there was on there Rev. Barber explaining the changes wrought in NC on voting rights. “We just corrected the calendar.” is the standout quote out of McCrory’s mouth. It is the sort of thinking of ignorant old european potentates. What is that guy, that put people on stakes on the Roman path to his castle? Sometimes they name the months after themselves and their dogs.

I am glad that I became the Vice Chair for the Town Hall Precinct. The main work is just making sure everybody who is a citizen of voting age can vote when the laws take effect in 2016.

The November 3rd Election for Aldermen, and the Mayor, an election not much cared about as if all is peachy and the tax money is being properly spent, and the housing crisis allowed to be created by the Chapel Hill administration is being confronted and overcome.

Remember I got angry about it all intellectually when pointing to solutions sound according to technology, bank numbers meaning money, and the “best practices”. So many Town Managers are also PCEs, Public Civil Engineers, I was under the impression it was a job requirement. I don’t at all get the impression the locals in government think much of asking for the engineering reports. To solve the crisis they hired an bureaucrat who I mentioned seemed to be there to follow Dave Andrews around like a puppy.

Whether it is from lassitude or design, it sure does seem that the zoning acts like red lining. But I’ve mentioned these things before.

I don’t have much time to finish my work so I am going to attempt to run for US Senate and will continue to try and put into words these stories of how power is used in relation to things that will matter in your daily life now and later. I’d support someone who might agree that there are some different things to do, if not different systems to put in place for getting things done.

We are a bit out from the November election. I hope to learn who to support and who not to support. I want to see isolation from the world that is out there possible and therefore support the buffer areas being able to provide food locally.

I’d like to see the steel frame urban farm down the hill South GSO to Smith Level where are the broken roof warehouses. Food and water and shelter are the daily needs. There is possibility of nuclear fallout from events we need to prevent happening out there in the world. This summer had some big signs of possibly ending in nuclear war in Central Europe. It may be gone for it appears the loss of any credible reason for NATO to really support the Ukrainian resistance. There is another meeting with US hopes to keep in place sanctions.

Sanctions are economic warfare that can lead to real war.

You’ll not get much chance to influence this set of threats to the air. Depending on what level the nuclear war might go to there may or may not be need of three weeks under earth and concrete protection. It is not insane to have Civil Defense shelters restocked and the signs polished.

I believe that it was Norway even sent 10 fighters up to around Poland. Russians have been doing well with Hybrid War. However if Article 5 is challenged by them a bigger war is well in the realm of possibility.

So my job has been to work at preventing the Apocalyptic Riot and I’d do better at the US Senate with my viewpoints.

I feel bad about those model nations with the dress up posing. Still I like the uniform my supporter sent. I am going to have to get more impressive stationary for mail sent to powerful people like Ban Ki Moon. I feel bad about the image of the nut as one doing this self aggrandizing foolishness. Still they are doing what I called for myself a work of conceptual art.

I have in the past used it for comedy, so what is my problem? It would be good and is possible that Transcendia could collect them as supporters. Erwin Strauss wrote me a letter saying Transcendia was the most realistic of all model nations he had studied. I had significant influence with Andre` Lewin, former UN Undersecretary of the UN and author of the Points for Reinvention of the UN.

I am aware that in the status of a Working Class guy, I am going to be laughed at for trying to rise above my place. However you must attempt now the same with me. The whole point now is that honorable working class citizens have too much abandoned the field to the supposed nobles who turn out over and over to have become corrupt. We depend on them to stop corruption in its tracks before it becomes entrenched.

The DOJ has failed us for not using its power that obviously for many now serving time for frauds and theft of property know is capable of stopping whatever it was they were doing to amass fortunes. Sociopaths and psychopaths won’t stop till forced to stop by being put in prison. Meeting corruption with tolerance and admiration and love as if this was some hippie community issue does not work out.

The Transcendia studies have prepared me well for governance. What I have to worry about is my emotional wellbeing as it might be damaged in face to face conflicts. My stomach gets upset. I will be better off if I don’t go off towards the fight alone. Neither will you.

The plan for my run for US Senate is for me to use youtube. I would perform better with a crew to watch me. I noted that in Wilmington many of the grips and electrics were disrespectful of the “talent”. Sometimes it is called “fresh meat” in the case of commercials and the method actors crying in the corner are sources of amusement.

It is a more meaningful thing that a performer will say if they say, “You’ve been a great audience.” Theater, Film, and TV are like that. I so much encouraged Meyer and Foushee and Insko to use youtube that I was forced like a heckler to take on the run I am announced for.

TV land is the battlefield. youtube is the fringe of the big TV Land battleground. If I continue to improve the videos and repeat my goals often, then with your help, It Is Possible for me to win. I can appeal to the rural parts of the state by pointing to the money they could make if they employed the North Carolina State tech.

Energy is important since without an excess you cannot afford a civilization. I see the Saudi attack on Yemen as for them an exercise meant to give them confidence about their armed forces. The petrodollar deal that makes the US currency a reserve currency depends on them to reciprocate in fossil fuel pricing while protected from Israel by the US.

At one point I advocated for better relations with the Carrboro Sister City in Russia. I also advocated for the perfect resolution of the Cold War as Statehood for Russia. I do not know if capitalism can be made to work with Russians. Our US capitalism has been drug down by our US looting of the USSR as things have gone. There are certainly States of the Union that drag the US down.

Let us not continue to see North Carolina as a drag on the Union. It is corny but true for me to say I will need your help.