Xmas Tree Project (Cling)

I thought of a poster of a Christmas Tree on my way home from the Writers Guild East offices where I had gone to file JET ROAR BEACH, which became later in rewrite JET BEACH. It has been rewritten since then. That was an unbelievable amount of time ago. Maybe 1989 like that long ago.
So in 2008 I was getting laid off and the arthritis was getting soes it would cripple me ad I remembered walking down from the Mid West side on concrete and the Urban dwellers’ need for a Christmas Tree Poster.
Most of us rent in The City seems like and I was no different and sticking holes in the walls is forbidden so I thought of a post it note type sticky backed poster which is what a Cling is.
These that I and Bryan Regan have made do stick pretty damn well to the wall and you need to handle them carefully soes not to stick them to themselves causing some grief. They are hard to unstick from themselves, so try not to do that. I’ve asked the printer to get them a bit less sticky, but I wanted them to be one piece of tree poster and sticky back soes you didn’t have to look for glue or tacks or a frame or anything year after year as you and your Urban tribe, or just girl and wife and pets or in fact children celebrate Christmas.
The Christmas Tree Cling is for the Urban dweller and will soon wipe out artificial trees. For institutions like hospitals and offices I consider it perfect.
I could go on and on about it but won’t.
I can say that the company charity will be UNTV I think, pretty sure.