The Catholic Court

Heading:  The Catholic Court

       The Crusades are in your face on the upcoming US Supreme Court proving the Theocratic assault on working people who could care less where any particular temple is, pills or was, and would like to be left alone.

     This is the international reality.

      I got a very thoughtful and aristocratic letter from Congressman David Price a couple of months ago.

       My argument was for Ethics and Morality as better words for State and Religion in the argument about power.

       The evidence of an afterlife is tombstones and pryamids.

       I can imagine myself as a woman.

       I have taken a number of risks.

       Women love children.

       Men do if the children are like them.

       Men have wars

       Women have abortion.

       If all women could have all children

       and there be no war because they did so,

       Then there would be no practical reason for them to not fight for reality within themselves.

        But this is not the case.

        The reality is that as long as there is war, there will be the need for abortion.

                                                          Love- Russell

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