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       My brother-in-law got us a subscription to The Week last year and I have taken to reading it on Sunday mornings.   It is one of the best magazines to ever come into my life, and I am grateful to my brother-in-law for the gift.

       The reporting I read this morning on the events of the Bush Administration seem to clearly point out serious domestic and international dangers.   As still a citizen of the United States it does me no good to rejoice at the exposed failures of actions and ideas of the President who is supposed to represent my interests.

       I wish he would ask for help from the major international institutions in getting out of Iraq, or being there as part of a Constabulary.

       Far as I can tell it does the EU no good either to be rejoicing about low poll ratings while President Bush is still in power and office.   I’d like to see the UN be reinvented along the lines of Andre` Lewin Chairman of the French UN Association to fill the vacum of practical policies needed to get humanity through this unique and dangerous era more generally shared than before.

       There really never has before been so many people competing for space and resources on this planet.   Extinction is entirely possible.

      It really is more important what you do with your money, than how much you have.  Good wise governments build more infrastructure, than bad governments which disrupt the lives of working people with their wars.

       A belief is not a fact.

       One does not have to know everything to know that to build is better than to destroy.

      We live in an odd time.   We need more living space and energy from space.

      This is a new infrastructure imperative which incredibly we have the technical capacity to create in the Space Elevator Concept.

      If Transcendia had any money I would be spending a good deal to support the Space Elevator Program because it offers practical benefits more than trips to Mars which though wonderous, are driven by science fiction scenarios that are essentially childish in the face of the facts as they have come to be.

      It distresses me that world leaders talk so much about getting rid of people and states and not more about what they are building to support the needs of the people.   Iran is a Theocracy and if all their leader has to say is that their goal is to elimanate another nation,  this is such a small ambition that it must be hard to be proud to be an Iranian.

      I fight with myself internally all the time about whether or not the world would be best to become all over like Disneyland.   There was and is a tinge of corporate facism to Disneyland.   I’ve known an animator who hated working there.   I’ve heard reports of how mean they were generally to their crews and wonder if Wal Mart is really what we get from a Disneyland world.

      Still it is amazing the little cities they have built.   They have lining up down to a science.

      The transportation infrastructure of Disneyland is mature and if I was the CEO I would put money into the Space Elevator as if nothing else part of the knitting like any other of their "rides".

      There are infrastructure imperatives that world leaders need to be speaking out for and spending their citizens money on instead of talking about how much better it would be if everyone was of the same religion.

      Really working people need to come together leaving their religions and beliefs somewhere private and support the use of their taxes or shared resources for building a complete and mature infrastructure that is the fact based imperative caused by a population that has overwhelmed what humanity has inherited from either God or Dinasours depending on your beliefs.

      So in the end I would recommend that in Iraq infrastructure workers be protected by the armed on all sides as most practical for all sides and likely to turn some soldiers into stone masons, or electricians or carpenters.

      Possibly Disney Corp would do well to build a Disneyland in Iraq.

      As far as Pakistan and its peoples sufferings the limits of the power of helicopters in such situations calls for more integrated assistance delivery through airdrops from craft like C-130s and the like.

      The assistance infrastructure where infrastructure is destroyed is way to dependent on helicopters in my view.   Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes and Asteroid Strikes do and will call for machines that can get to places by air.   I expect that there are people working with the Red Cross that have some very good ideas about what sorts of flying machines are required for the sort of relief and rescue needed in such circumstances.

      So where infrastructure fails and is destroyed it is obvious that flying machines are the only machines that can overcome its destruction which calls for an Air Force that is an infrastructure unto itself, complete and mature with equipment able to locate to places in the world in circumstances we have seen of maximum destruction with all that is called for known by past experiences which can be inventoried.

     Such an International Infrastructure Air Force for Rescue and Relief is obviously needed to overcome the limited capablities of any individual nation, even the United States as evidenced by the recent destruction of New Orleans.

     Non Government Organizations such as the Red Cross need to become Transnational Organizations as has been the event with Muli National Corporations, whose mission is so focused on making money for privileged individuals that they go way to far from any care for common workers who for them are a dime a dozen and not much protected by them in times of crisis.

      Too many nations are corrupt at the top.

      Crimes against Humanity need to be defined and commonly understood and have in place a Transnational enforcement mechanism that levels all leaders.

      The United Nations did fail the general population of international workers when it comes to the history of Saddam Hussein and his actions within his own borders.

      There are degrees of infractions of international law and as it was in Guillani’s New York City that crime was diminished when smaller infractions were cited and prosecuted, such same is called for internationaly to advance peacekeeping.

      The infrastructure of international law is just as important as the physical infrastructure.   It’s most profound success would be to hold all world leaders to well defined standards of behavior towards every human whether or not they are citizens of their offices, or any other.

      It is a misnomer for my taxes paid to the UN to be called dues really.

      The United Nations needs to recognize that it is really responsible to individuals who pay with hard won dollars for it.  

      The United Nations needs to answer to working class women as a measure of its mission for peace.

      The ethical imperative for equality of rights in transnational conflicts is most important as far as the other transnational institutions that are religions.

      Internationally the pivot for human rights as understood regardless of religion is Womens Rights, and no leader or government or religion that persecutes women ought to be immune from legal actions effective at ending those persecutions or protections.

      In this dangerous time it is time that women stop volunteering to believe they deserve to be second class citizens anywhere in the world.

       The United Nations ought to make it known what governments and transnational institutions including churches hold practices that are counter to human rights which are extended to all humans regardless of gender.

       Have I rambled?   Is the thread of my thesis broken?


       I have said that infrastructure is the good policy, war the bad, and that infrastructure is both law and a highway to support it.

       I admit that I have wandered to this closing that is simply that a place to start for the world is to defend womens rights which are unique because of their role as mothers.

       I admit that just as my view of the world is determined by my status as a member of the working class, a woman’s view of the world is determined by her reality as a woman, and I would be unethical to demand from her control of what happens inside of her, regardless of whether or not I think Jesus would approve.

      Just as workers of the world need to unite and push for an international minimum wage, women of the world need to unite to secure universal equality as a baseline for all human rights.

      Well, the first and the last Star Trek captain was a woman, so I guess I’m not really that much out of my mind.

                                                                  Love, Russell





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