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Voted Today in Carrboro North Carolina

       I didn’t know enough to vote for everyone and my brother has lived here longer than me and owns property and his kid, my niece has been in the schools here so I thought he might have a better insight more because he has lived here longer than I have than because he owns property here, and weighted further by his interactions with the schools and police.

      I did personally meet briefly both mayorial candidates.   Neither ones platform was concise and there are those that think that the private agenda of Chilton is more his motivation than the overall good and government service for its own sake and satisfactions.

      Zeffron will still be an alderman and I liked it that he had approved a large building in conflict with my brother who did not like the way the building looked when I had no particular problem with the way the building looked, but liked that it was large.   My concern will not be with so much too much with how something looks from the outside, but how it works, but it is true that in ugly surroundings people act ugly.

      What is horrible is when something becomes so pretty it doesn’t work like my impression of the Washington DC subway system.

      Some things need to be good enough, and others need to be great.   As an example of a thing that is good enough in Manhattan, it has been the Subway system and its integration with buses and the ferrys taxis and everything else started and ending with walking.

      It is a mature transportation infrastructure that facilitates a level of life standards for a complete set of poor, to rich that gives it longevity as long as it is not bombed by radiation bombs or an asteroid.

      Now the best thing to do is to put the international infrastructure together practically.  By practically combining the building required with the politics required.

      Politically the use of arms needs to be directed exclusively to protecting infrastucture workers by all armies everywhere working for anyone or any government.

      The attorneys working in the justice system in Iraq are part of the infrastucture.   Everybody hates lawyers till they need one.

      It is insane and sad that the attorneys working in the Courts in Iraq have been twice murdered.

      My concept of civilization does include the fist fight.

      Someone may well offend me with words or actions so much that I punch them.

      I would be really sorry if I killed them.

      But at anyrate as far as something might happen on a spaceship or in a submarine,  I would rather fist fights as the height of violence.

      When I was a Security Guard for Rochdale College I did have to go and get the guys that had guns to resolve the threat.

       I was in a difficult postion since there were four of them to corral.

       Oh, I have to tell you that my time in Rochdale College was not wasted even if I die tomorrow.

        I got a very good education.

        If it had had a landing pad on the roof instead of a nude sunbathing deck, it might have done a bit better.

        As far as my vote today I voted with whatever I knew or felt and stopped there and let others vote.

        I hope it turns out well for everyone involved.

                                                                Love, Russell


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