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The Weather Here Has Been So good That I am Happy Sort of.

      North Carolina is great real estate even though it has seasons.   Apparently San Francisco has weather like this near year round except it has earthquakes with near the regularity of hurricanes in North Carolina, which can get very hot.

      I had felt that there was a 21 month window for fixing pivotal problems if the future of mankind was not to be total doom and ended up talking today to Maurice about his end of the world Maya Yucatan predictive cuniform type writings.

       Apparently 2012 is the end of the world time by some Mayan addition.

       As far as I can tell that is generous.

       Well, if things go on as they have with a multiplicity of leaders who are not sufficiently educated to the laws of political science, we are fucked.

       By we I mean the working classes who depend on empowered aristocrats for some decisions which we actually trust them to make when we are at work.

       It is stupid for us to do such things, but we do.

       The Working Classes are prohibited from wearing suits.

        I tell you the truth, you could change the world if you wore a sportcoat of your own chosing while driving for UPS or Federal Express.

        Fashions are important.

        Really I think that wars are fought over women more than they are fought over oil. 

        As the founder and leader of whatever there is of Transcendia I would use some of the money for fashion inventions that made equality of the sexes attractive.

        Now it is obvious that Muslim women are either beautiful or ugly and that Muslim men are either ugly or not too bad.

       Actually some muslim women are beautiful and some muslim men are beautiful, but we are only supposed to see the naked faces of the men.

       As far as the fashions are concerned I would allow in Transcendia all fashions.

       However I, as founder of transcendia would highly recommend no one join any particular army until they had tried on the uniform before they joined.

       In this world there are the uniformed, and the ununiformed.

       I had a big car when I was young.

       I had a good number of fistfights.

       In my work to create a unified theory of political science founded on the experiments, no one person ought to have the power to decree.

      I can only determine that whatever is good all must pursue.

      Good is possible from power.

      More power than you individually need is good.

      Giving away power is good and fun.

       Solar Power is better for us to use than the invented power we got from our understanding of the power of the sun we have used to kill a good number either on purpose or by accident.

       What is Al Quaeda?

       Is it a tribe?

       Is it a nation?

       Is it a religion?

       Does Al Quadea really think that it would exist without me?

       Women drive me crazy sometimes, but I wouldn’t exist without them.

        Catholics and Islamists seem really to have the same attitudes towards women and therefore I think they need to have women defect from their fashions if we are to get through the eye of the needle.

                                                                     Love, Russell

p.s.  this is my argument.   Let me know if there are obvious flaws.



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