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Armies and Police

    I think that Edward Hallet Carr is the most correct of current Political Scientists.   I think that between his work and the work of Jared Diamond a science of Political Science could be codified and applied to get us through the bottleneck, anesthetist or eye of the needle, or whatever you want to call these times.

     The Army is not the Post Office, and will not be successful as the Post Office same as the Post Office is not equipped or trained to be the Army, but that the institutions of the nation ought to be lead by the same ideals is simple genius to me.

     Mr. Diamond has defined the threats and the times and what has happened.

     Mr. Diamond has also been published saying what we all knew about history, that it was a complete set of experiments.

      The failure of faith comes from the sense that if the sufferings of mankind happen, then God says no to our prayers a bit more often than we prefer.

      In fact it may well be that our prayers are not heard and we need to speak them to ourselves since we have the science to answer them.

      Then the turn is that if we can answer our own prayers, why do we need God?

     The concept of God is that God knows all all the time.   The hope that God gives us is that we will know what we need to know when we need to know it.

      What exactly is it that we need to know?

      When you are a child you are so simply alive that it is until you kill something like a bug that you do not include death in your imaginings.

       The life of a child is stories and an innocence that is Godlike that progresses through joy to depression, acceptance, anger and love.

       "Where is the love?"

        What is love?

       The best definition I have heard of love is:   "A concern for someone elses physical and spiritual well being."

       Of course it is obvious that if you love yourself you are concerned with your physical and spiritual well being and do things accordingly to maintain and advance those interests.

       Sublime successes as a political scientist you ought to be able to tell us how to love ourselves and others same as we love ourselves. 

        When the father loves the mother and the sister loves the brother and the world is one family, then it would seem to follow that all would be prepared for disasters that come when technology fails.

       Mankind has been lucky so far.

       It is time that every state and religion built its own spacestation.

       This ends my thinking for the day.

                                                               Love, Russell

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