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Ideals Morals and Technology

Bits of my mind rearrange themselves during the day.

I wear a radio on my head that looks ridiculious.

I’m in my own little world.

I wish I had a walkie talkie connection to NPR.

Ideally food ought not be used as a weapon, but in the case of North Korea

Apparently they will trade nuclear weapons for food.

Trains are the backbone of nations and the carbon nano tube that is pivotal for the actuality of the space elevator offers trains that go everywhere.

I thought of that because one day I got through to Dick Gordon when he was talking to people about North Korea and its announcement that it had "The Bomb."

Really it is not much good to have a nuclear weapon and not tell everyone.

Apparently you get more food if you have one.


Nuclear Power is free from the Sun except for the infrastructure it requires.

I’d like to get my little town and county to build a Solar Power Infrastructure with my taxes.

Free buses are great, but I can’t wait around for them.

I want to see people moving.

I think buses are too big, and trains too heavy and think lightening everything is a good start.

Steel cable, wire rope, is a machine.

Rigging is great fun and I really enjoyed doing it in conjunction to working on movies and commercials when I lived in Wilmington.

One of my favorite things in the world is a boom truck.

Pulleys and steel rope and electricity move things around and remind me of flying the baby around the house.

When I am driving around back and forth from the hardware store and the job sites delivering lumber and disposing of the trash I see students waiting for the bus.

I want to string up steel cables and eliminate the buses entirely with equvalents.

(Sometimes my wife isn’t around and my spelling is a guide to my pronunciation of a word.)

My wife has been called the human dictionary and I will bet 50 dollars on her in a Crossword Competition any day.

I wish I had been as well educated.

But at anyrate, as a return to deep thought.

I say unto you INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE Give Us New Infrastructure!


In my head for years and years I have a movie of a little black boy in Africa wearing one of those two cloth flap fashions looking up at a bulldozer making an airport in his jungle.

In my story he would eventually become a Shuttle Pilot.

There is the vertical and horizontal elevator to be implaced.

At all times and places wait times need to be reduced.

The world is changing and changing fast.

Some people would look forward as a blessing a flu pandemic since it would reduce the population without the ugliness of faulty ideas like war and would not be really our responsiblity of will to cause and only something alien to our individual interests.

Infact in general it would appear that the flu is a yearly culling of us.

Really we do not have to look to aliens from outerspace for an alien to fight with that ought to bring us together and the story of our fight with the flu is probably all the science fiction we need to understand how we really work together.

The Moral Imperative of passionless violence illustrated by quarentine is sort of like how in Brazil they cut off the water when there isn’t enough.

Plastic drip tents will take drinking water out of the air on a raft in the ocean.

We are down to a need to harvesting the dew.

I imagine the complete solar and water generating plant running wire rope conveyances everywhere there is a road and on every power line right of way everywhere all the time.

We need these things on space ship earth since now we need to put things in places.


Now adays everywhere is supposed to be like a park, called a park, or a campus.

Like on Mars, all life like us needs to submerge like fish in a well run ocean.

The dolphins stayed in the water since they knew writing would be burned or washed away.

We wanted bigger life on Mars.

We want someone to talk to about our radio.

Now it is a time when your destiny is actually important to chose.

The National identity may as well get in line.

If I was forming an army I would direct them to protect civilians and infrastructure workers in particular.

I imagine making a public case for all armies or armed warriors to judge the worthiness of their life sacrifice for any idea on the basis of whether or not it protects the natural and mature infrastructure for working classes.

I would direct that in Iraq soldiers be replaced with policemen.

This I would do by identifying who in the ocupying army was good at being a policeman, and giving them another uniform regardless of their national affiliation and getting the soldiers to where they ought to be, which is hanging around practicing killing people, or actually killing people, and really nothing else.

Really the solution to the problem in Iraq for the entire world is that a constabulary be created that protects infrastructure workers indiginous to the nation from bombers suicidial or sneaky.

Let us think of the world as a First Class Cruise Ship, with a Captain who has the clear cut responsiblity of maintaining the seaworthiness of the ship.

Now, as far as laws concerning terrorists are concerned, and I mean actual terrorists defined by what they do, and not particularly what they wear.

I think laws of maritime law used to justify violent defense of ships and their crews and passengers ought to be applied as they are by practical tradition to pirates on the seas.

Let us look to old laws applied to keeping the rights of way safe for commerce for guidance on what laws to use in relation to capture and imprisonment of detainees caught in the current war called a war on terrorism.

It is interesting that the Coast Guard of the US seems to be the institution most competent during the time of the Katrina Hurricane assault by weather.

As far as the War in Iraq is concerned, if I was in charge of it now, I would unite the soldiers under my charge with the international professional police by putting together a police equipment kit, and transferring from the army to the police those of my own with that unique talent for keeping the peace with others from other nations who are destined to be police more than they are destined to be soldiers or "warriors".

The ideal thing to have happened at the end of the war in Iraq, that would have actually signified an end to the war, would have been that all of the soldiers involved would have been brought home as is a fine signal that a war has ended.

When a war is over traditionally, the armed forces in both nations revert to the police.

Now it is oddly true that in this new urban world that the importance of clothing and fashions is greater than we really want to recognize.

I would give to my soldiers a defection uniform that was a universally recognizable police uniform, and not the uniform of a soldier.

These French disaffected who have been burning cars are good candidates for such uniforms.

The French have long been struggling with the same issues as the United States.

During the Second World War it was not unusual for juvenal delenquents to be offered jail or service in the army.

Some people are just born to fight and it is the wise who let them do it.

I’d like it if the French deported their rioters to the police force of Iraq.

                                                                         Love, Russell


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