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Garage Sales are fun because they are like being a hunter gatherer for the urban dweller, who needs that experience.

I was an urban woodsman.

I would pick up wood on my way from my apartment at 66 Madison Ave. to my girlfriends apartment on the corner of 7th Ave. South and Leroy St.

I always found enough wood on the way for a fine fire in her fireplace.

When I go to garage sales I always look for radios, and if I had room for collecting things I would be a radio collector.

I used to have a Zenith.   I miss it like I miss my 54 Pontiac Star Chief.

My heart lept when I saw my radio in Howard Huges hangar in that movie The Aviator.

I thought the crash scene was flawed and wondered what difference the manifold pressure would make when feathering of the props would be my typical concern flying that thing.

When the wing hit the structures and carried through without slamming the nose of the plane into the building the physics involved seemed right violated from what I know and need more explaination for me to suspend disbelief.

My favorite scene in the movie was when Howard Huges said "No, I don’t think I will." when asked to ask one of his employees to return for questioning.

For the rich and the pour there is always a limit that makes sense to all.

Enough is enough.

Obviously though it was a movie about a guy who stopped having fun.

Damn things here in Carrboro allow for some regular measures of fun.

The weather is great and there is a managable number of people around.

I remember Raul who too often intruded into our lives when we lived on East 11th.   Carrboro these days for me is okay since I am generally left alone as I want to be on the weekends.

Sometimes I have too much fun, but I get left alone enough to recover by monday.

How to maintain and advance the Carrboro infrastructure so as to grow at the same time a level of fun availablity is maintained and advanced is my current puzzle work.

Having once lived in a commune I am for separate living quarters for people.

Still again I am for high density living since it enables efficient public transportation.

Efficient public transportation enables real estate parities for different sorts of people.

Dirigibles and Submarines that never land anywhere are what we need to create as experimental cities to complete our knowledge of the perfect society.

Would this be fun to do?

                                                            Love, Russell


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