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Working Class Corner/Bombs

As far as threats it was reported today over the radio that it was only a matter of time before a biological weapon would be unleashed on the world by Al Kada.   Really it is spelled different and the other news is that Bird Flu is coming up as a problem pandemically so much that Al Queda, whatever, really just has to take credit.

It might be possible that it was not wise for information on how to make smallpox was published on the web.

The Moral Imperative of Passionless Violence is put in our faces now.

We want to save the world for our children, and ourselves.

Might be called for that all killers have to stand around and cook and eat whomever they kill.   Considering the threats it is insane for men of mankind and women to spend time killing each other by the formal name war, or the informal name murder.

Of course it is not entirely insane to kill someone who you know is intent on killing you.

I say to all "Value your Life!"

My fights have been crimes of passion and defensive and I do not recollect an offensive fight.

Now an offense and defense are required for winning the game in football which is most like war and gladiator contests of the Roman times, which are what we mostly get at the best, which could be dramatically better, these days, but would still have to be like it if it is what we call civilization, which is better than barbarism, since it is based on work, as better than theivery, even if you don’t believe in a need for God to tell you such a simple thing.

In the case of germs, viruses, cancers, and the like, we have no problem with pro-active conflict with them.

For Transcendia it makes great sense to endorse proactive defense of the perimeters.

Nuclear weapons and biological weapons are beyond the defensive capacity of any individual nation.

The case of North Korea that needs food and can’t get it without threatening to use a nuclear bomb to protect its leadership at the expense of its people must be solved for the benefit of all, and particularly the working classes of North and South Korea, who are related, and have the potential to lead the world in resolving their conflict.

The US loves Civil War and imports it and exports it at its worst point of passion and love.

These Korean Scientists seem to be pretty good actually and I remember that the US Space Program was greatly benefitted from its pardon and hiring of German Rocket Scientists.

I would like to put a Transcendian Airport in the DMZ of Korea for the purpose of Silk Road Trade.

I would like it if there was a Sister City agreement between all concerned with a good space elevator site in Ecuador.

My hero couldn’t spell either.

                                                               Love, Russell

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