Holidays interupt my cash flow.

I ought to be grateful,

and I am.

I get an excuse to recover from working.

In New York I got to dread the holidays since work fell off.

All the Producers take the holidays off to spend with their families and go on vacations so work doesn’t pick up again till after the holidays when you work in New York on commercials.

I liked working on commercials actually.

Music videos were very stressful for less money.

When I was doing that sort of work in Manhattan  

there was a Thanksgiving that I and my girlfriend spent all to ourselves not seeing any family.

We were living in a rent control apartment that she had some arrangement about on Madison Ave not far from the UN.

It was a beautiful day and we took a good walk in the neighborhood.

She was very pretty and happy and I was excited and comfortable.   We got into look at the Security Council Theater apparently, since I have a photograph.

The year after that, or the year after that we had a fine Thanksgiving with her parents in Mt. Kisco.

She and I had a fine love affair in the end of it all.

I reccommend two lovers take the holiday in reverse every now and then.

It was an experience for me to spend a couple of Christmases all by myself.

I found it tougher than I thought it would be and have avoided it since.

There was a unique Christmas at Ratsos that was a combination of being alone and getting up with someone for a memorable evening.

I had gotten so hurt from not seeing my daughter for too long that I wrote a hurt and angry poem.

I got to see her yesterday.

I am grateful to have the family I have and would want no other.

It would not have been that horrible if I had had a fatal car crash on the way back from my sister’s.

My mother sang for us.

She has a new career as an actress, and I am tempted to suggest she try Stand Up.

I used to do that.

Now I want to be a politician, and make a speech at the UN.

It is a thing I pay taxes to and it is part of the Reinvention Point List of Andre` Lewin that little guys like me get to speak to the Security Council now and then.

His other points for reinvention of the UN, like taxes on arms for peaceful purposes, and an army dispatched by the Secretary General in obvious cases of genocide, as well as the option for closed and secret sessions as recently called for by the Democratic Party, all make practical sense, from my working class point of view.

Chairman Ambassador Lewin did add to his points my concept of UNTV which is a standard on this site.

It has so far been a bit much for him to add Transcendia to the points, but I have argued for it.

War and show business are bought fraught with bad hours.

Filmmakers might not work much during holidays, but stage hands sure do.

Every weekend is a mini holiday for the working classes.   Over the years when I drifted into stagehand work out of film work I got sick of the schedules after awhile.

One Christmas I spent alone in a hotel room with the flu.

That was a bad one.

The last 5 or 6 years I’ve been on a regular schedule with weekends and holidays off, though for two of those years I was recovering from falling through the floor and landing on concrete and breaking my hip and hand and pelvis.

I would really like to try my hand at speaking to the representatives and ambassadors and leaders of the United Nations from a purely Working Class Point of View.

I’d like to hear others of my class be allowed to speak in acknowlegment that individuals pay for the UN.

One of the other points of Chairman Lewin is that the flag of the UN be more ubiquitious and I want it flown here in Carrboro along with the flag of the town and the State and the Nation.

Of course I want the Transcendian Flag flown more commonly as well and it touched my heart that my daughter bought a Transcendian Mouse Pad.

I am glad I spent the holiday with my family.

                                                          Love, Russell

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