Working Class Corner/Constabulary Force Uniform Needed

Iraq and War.

     When a war is over the police are the accepted armed forces in the streets, drugs and they are liked for keeping the peace.

      In the future when a war is declared won, erectile it ought to be taken for granted that the Army that won the war, vialis 40mg gets out, and is replaced with police who are indigenous, or professional at keeping the peace.

      Over the years I have come to accept that fashions and uniforms are important, and in the case of Iraq right now I know that a uniform for peacekeepers is called for.

      There is no effective international Constabulary, which is really a long name for a large police force.

       The working classes need protection from the robbers and the murderers, and need courts to settle property disputes.

      I am impressed that in Iraq there is an attempt to establish courts and a rule of law.   The police are important as far as enforcing laws are concerned.

      The United States really ought to ask for help in getting its army out of Iraq.

      If I had gotten the United States Army into Iraq, fought a war, and declared it won, I would now be asking that professional police take up the job of keeping the peace.

      Some people are destined to be warriors and killers and they really ought to join the army.   Others are destined to be police officers who keep the peace with a combination of skills that may well call for killing, but are not intended to do only that.

     If I had control of armed persons I would ask those under my command who of them wanted to be police in Iraq, give them another uniform, and put the rest left to work at a very specific job, which is to kill whomever they see.

                                                             Love, Russell         



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