Gun & Weapons Tax Local Government Revenue Uses.

I noted in The Week, that Chapel Hill was listed with other Muncipalities that had come out against the War in Iraq.

I am reminded of the story of Judith from the Apocrapha.   In the end of that story Judith cuts off the head of the Roman General that was attacking the Jewish town for not going to war.

There are governments that direct revenues from taxes on specific items for specific purposes, and in the United States it has long been traditional to use gas taxes for highways.

Around here and in transcendia if it gets control of some place in reality, I agree that taxes on weapons ought to be used to advance less need of them.   I would like it if some of the County Money collected from weapons sales in Orange County were given to the United Nations, which though flawed, does advance some prospects for peace.

Certainly there is some truth to "Money Talks, and Bullshit Walks."

Leadership for the important issues to be decided, of these times, is destined to come from the small places and the small people, instead of the big people.

The statement of "Against", or "For" the War in Iraq does not really do it because it is too simplistic.

    The World Community simply lacks a Constabulary Force of size capable of being installed in Iraq.   Police recruitment of locals must be a piority and the Costa Rician’s ought to be playing a significant role because of their unique experience of general satisfaction with their paramilitary police force, and no other armed force.

     Mandatory taxes on weapons to be funding for peace initiatives by the United Nations would release the United Nations from the dependence on "dues" for its mission.

     Small places like Orange County in North Carolina would get a bigger voice in international issues if they independently put their money where their mouth was.

     I am for flying the United Nations Flag next to the town and the state and the federal US flag around here, and particularly at the airport.

     This is one of Chairman Lewin’s Points for Reinvention of the UN, along with his point that taxes on weapons ought sensibly be given to the UN.

      Today I got up thinking that it would be good if my little neighborhood bought some voice at the UN by donating money from taxes on the weapons sold in the County, directly to the UN.

      I hope that all the extra eating and a visit to a resturant and visiting with the family helped me think clearly for otherwise what good is a holiday.

      What is the most sensible secular international holiday?

       The only Transcendian Holiday is April Fools so far, which is really a Holiday honoring love lost and the broken heart.

       It is sort of a reverse Valentines Day.

       I believe there was a period when May Day, was vying for international status as an international holiday for workers.

        I wonder what great holiday there is because of the EU?

        Really there is only so much time for holidays and it would be a terriffic victory to add one.

        Maybe we could have a Gun Tax Holiday, but really I don’t think it would catch on all that well.

        On April Fools Day maybe we ought to all feel free to call up ex-wives, old girlfriends or boyfriends and find out how they are doing.

        Every holiday needs some ritual.

        Thanksgiving and Christmas are characterized by food surplus confirming the place of food as the number one ingredient for peace.

         Therefore since food surplus is the number one ingredient for peace, taxes on weapons ought most sensibly be directed number one at insuring all people live with a surplus of food.

         Food comes from water and light and dirt.

         So taxes on weapons that are used to buy weapons for use by warriors may end up legitimate if the weapons are used to protect water workers.

        The lives of the Untouchables in India who work in the sewers need our concern.   Those people need some defense if anyone does in my opinion.

       I’d give some money to the police in India from my tax revenue from weapons if they would protect the Untouchables from abuse.

        You got to draw the line somewhere.

        Now I’ve got all this money from taxes on weapons.    Turns out that the best thing to spend it on is clean water for everyone.

                                                                       Love from a convoluted mind.

Russell Scott Day  


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