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Timothy Egan titled his essay in my electronic delivery of the NYTs: The Plot to Kill Healthcare

I read it and these were my thoughts: This is the CSA in conflict with the USA and the soldiers to honor were the ones that prevented the spread of slave labor as legal and acceptable.
Transcendia with the Insurodollar makes all labor an asset on the books and source of wealth for the nation, turning slave trading and the business of trading in souls, on its head.
So I have countered the CSA within a system they used, and use always turning to a distant unscrupulous banker, or hypocritically assaulting the Federal Government except for the military bases they covet as economic engines.
Payday lenders and modular homes that are installed on their slabs in three weeks by a Berkshire company.
The CSA didn’t want its slave labor to be able to read, and now they attack their ability to think. All labor must be somehow enslaved and somehow compromised so they will work. No one would work for them if they couldn’t whip them into doing it.
Some posit that the great debt of the aspiring class with a for certain doom to lives of disconnected labor nothing like what they imagined as “right livelihood” was cynically engineered by the masters to create a compromised pool of desperate labor.
Employers have gotten the message no matter their business, and merit without a paid for certification is as doomed.
You know nothing works if you don’t believe in it, and all that powerfully ideologues believe in is cheap labor.
There is the law, and there is the spirit of the law. The spirit of the law is CSA.
“Yeah, we freed the slaves, but now we just rent them.” That is the CSA rolling with their defeat. That is the policy. The war is conducted from within. Elected congresspersons, and Senators, will be paid well, for life, by the very government that they vow to “starve”, except for the army.
The South hires out looking for a fight. Being in the army is the best job in the world for ignorant angry young men. Women too. Serve and we’ll pay for your college education and you’ll get insurance. The army is for all nations a work program, and Southern schools train good soldiers.
Getting out of Urban inner city conflict zones is recommended for Urban blacks as well. I heard morale was low in the Nuke Launching Corp. They are just there for one thing. Turning keys.
Away from this line of thought. I need better statistics to back this line of thought up.
“They didn’t want their labor to read, and now they don’t want labor to think.” I said that.
The South is a different country now more than since the clash of uniformed armies.
To call it the GOP is a whitewash and a cover for what it really represents.
Cultural commentators have said for at least a decade and a half that the US was more fractured than ever, so why can’t we accept that the CSA has risen again, as promised?
If I led an army throughout the South knocking over every monument to the Confederacy, starting from Monument Row in Richmond, their capital, what do you think would happen?
I bet you that there would be war.

Defense of Slavery Monument to the loyal & stupid

Defense of Slavery Monument to the loyal & stupid

Incase you don’t catch it, this is a monument on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. On the supporting plinth are bronze bas-relief praises for the soldier of the Confederacy who was loyal. I loved working in NYC because nobody really expected me to be loyal. It was clear that I was showing up for the paycheck. Nobody expected me to love them because I was working for them. In the South, there is still this master servant thing going where you are expected to somehow love your employer. “You do a great job, but I just can’t pay you more.” The last guy that said that, and I do like the guy, still said his accountant told him he was worth 5 million and then said, “I just don’t feel like it.”
Luther Hodges was one of the progressive governors of the state, and he asked all around the State of North Carolina for companies like Cannon Mills to support the vision of the Research Triangle. He tried to get them to invest in this center for invention, technology, and the biosciences.
Finally it was only investors from NY that would put the money needed behind it.
Maybe there are too many Kudzu plants, or raggley weeds by the roads. The Yankees will invade and destroy it all, we aren’t rich enough? It is a defeated nation. Anger seeps into every conversation that exposes any basic truths, or threatens change.
How to treat labor in the South, the CSA, is this: Tell them you are just hanging on by their fingernails, and you can’t pay them any more, there is too much competition.
Just tell them any lie you need to.

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