There are a lot of smart educated people around working who are ignored. I fell across General Wedemeyer’s biography by John J. McLaughlin which was of great aid in informing me of the exact specific differences between the strategies of the US Armed Forces and the British during WWII.
The fully realized strategy of a nation is supposed to consider what the world power balances will be after a win or a loss. Clearly the US expected that the War would be won, and all would return to normalcy, only better.
This General Wedemeyer was in a difficult position because of the US cultural fears about the awarding of the Army too much power in determining political policy. His understanding of Communism was well advanced. He did not trust Stalin, when Stalin had become Roosevelt’s buddy.
What I did see as difficult to swallow was the attitude towards corruption of the Chinese Nationalists. Out of my experiences I have come to see corruption as second to war as the reasons for people to be poor. I say corruption and war, keep people poor.
Corruption of ideals and subversion of aims is worse than street level corruption, but it hardly matters as one makes the other happen throughout a culture and society.
We in the US have been so propagandized that for decades the corruptions allowed and legislated into being on our streets and in our neighborhoods in the name of the War on Drugs pervade our society, at best making it a mean place we live our lives.
The deep government as it is now called must like it this way, for it keeps all living in fear of the police and each other.
The mythical US founded on the principals of equality, meritocracy, and justice has well been eroded.
And more to the point our defense is untrustworthy.
Defense and education are the only two legitimate duties of the government and we can tell neither jobs are being done well. By our government.
This guy Wedemeyer saw that Russian goals strategically were aimed at taking over as much territory as it possibly could during the period of WWII.
The US populace and leadership was aimed narrowly at defeating NAZI Germany, and going home. Of course that was the party line.
American business, the multinational corporations could apparently take care of themselves.
Now with the advance of the TPP that reality is aimed to be the monster utilizing what has become a mercenary army paid for by the American taxpayer for the benefit of the Petro Industry first, and the defense of Americans, second, If at all.
There seems to be some terrible confusion as how to address terrorist organizations. Why that is so is beyond me. Of course some observers have pointed out that US allies, and primarily the Saudi family are as much enemies of the American people and our way of life, as allies.
No wonder there is no clear idea about what is going on, or thinking that aims at the roots of threats to Americans and the West is ignored and suppressed.
The US has worked the system that was created specifically to keep the peace in an attempt to make it into another arm of US policy.
The US and the USSR did face off for 50 years of the Cold War promising to wipe each other off the face of the earth if one or the other went too far.
Atomic weapons make the fighting of a war an extra exercise. Sure Russia has an army, but it isn’t as powerful as that left to the Russians.
Working to get rid of all the nuclear weapons is considered to be a stupid thought. You are to ignore that thought, and if you want security and power, get these weapons of mass murder. After that your Armed Forces are just extra, and not really necessary.
Every week now Russia threatens us all with these weapons of mass murder. These sorts of fighting words really ought to trigger some serious talks at the UN Security Council. When I myself used to get in fist fights on a regular basis, the key to my success was to hit the guy first in the face as hard as I could.
“Do you really mean what you say there buddy?”
We understand George Bush the younger meant it when he endorsed preemptive wars and plunged the US into the war in Iraq. We of the world were amazed to discover there was no plan other than to war.
Some of us were aware that for all of US willful blindness to the strategic struggle for world dominance that roiled as Stalin took over Eastern Europe and East Germany became another totalitarianism travesty where about anybody who said the wrong thing one day, went to jail, had at least benefited from the occupying force of the US Constabulary as it trained civilian police in Germany and Europe.
There actually was some evidence of forethought there.
Fact is that on the one hand we are supposed to be comforted that Iran will swear off weapons of mass destruction, nukes that are mass murder weapons, but we are supposed to believe there is no reason at all to ever think of giving them up ourselves.
What fool thinks this will do more than put off the day when Putin, or some other cornered loser won’t blow off some of these bombs, and hope that there won’t be any retaliatory response they can’t withstand down in their own little bunker hole?
You may as well just count on it.
The only other strategy that might save us is that internationally people, real people, the mass of people, demanded the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction, mass murder.
I saw the other day that a Russian Bomber had flown the length of the West Coast. Of threats that’s one, as it is an unexpected delivery system for this day and age when we expect missiles out of silos or submarines. Little detour of a bomber over Washington DC when it flies along the East Coast is likely appealing to Putin.
This era of mulitpolar power will lead to nuclear war somewhere started by somebody for some reason sure as the sun will rise in the east the day after.
It is past time that there be a Security Council meeting to ask Putin if he really means what he keeps saying about using nuclear weapons.
“Do you really mean that?”
“Do you really mean it?”
If in fact he really means what he says, that he is for preemptive nuclear attacks, than really the US ought to just bomb him, bomb them, and as they have done, figure something out afterwards.
The reality is that you aren’t going to have any territory worth having, strategic war is done and over. In a case like that the world is destroyed and lots and lots of people are just killed, and that’s that.
Why not anyway, the Japanese mob throws radioactive water in the Pacific. There is so much plastic out there in the oceans the whole food chain is poisoned with plastic bits, now made radioactive because the Japanese are just as stupid as everybody else, deferring to mobsters to take care of problems they are too cowardly to do as a national duty.
What do the poor people care? Getting fried in an instant will be a blessing compared to disease and starvation and drowning.
What say we all just set a date and say “Get it over!”
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