For the first time in my life I have begun to see nationalization of corporation assets in the US as a rational response to corporation policies.
If the US Corporations and US Companies of power and purchased influence all intent on refusing to give labor a fair shake, a living wage, alongside their manipulations of laws created to make the criminal, criminal, mob financial engineering that denies the treasury of the nation that is supposed to defend the interests of the honest working man, use the army, and use the legal power backing contracts internationally which provide profits to corporations all given every time to stockholders and CEOs first, no matter the contribution of labor, then what other option does labor have but to appropriate what is the source of their incomes?
Our US media works at dividing labor into Black and White with great success. The reality is that there is no difference between the races because they are working class, and labor.
Not a single state that was CSA provides wages to its people that is on parity of those states that were Union. In the past the police and national guard were used to protect property of the capitalists, not protect the honest working man, but kill them if they did what they were forced to do in an attempt to secure fair wages.
Now the Drug War is the proxy war that daily subjects urban youth to arrest. What would you rather do?, Risk your freedom for the money, or work for MacDonalds? We know what many see as a better option.
In my own case my work of retreat as brute labor days are over. If I had not gained a skill and been paid a higher rate than was ever available to me in the South of my upbringing, my SS would be appreciably lower.
In the State of North Carolina, in the Greensboro area it is reported that you cannot ever expect to be paid as well as someone doing the same work in the Northern states.
Something will get you and 50 is in fact 50. If you stay in NC or any of the Southern States of the CSA you will be poorer during your best working years, and then will be poorer for what SS you might get.
I noted that Landmark, part of the Carlyle Group bought Atlantic Aero which was the first FBO I worked for. Their habit is to pay only 75 percent of what is an industry standard to their labor. On top of that they are reported as charging clients for their fuel and services premium prices. They do it because they can. They would give every cent to themselves and their stockholders if they could. Slavery in all its forms, either wage slavery, chattel slavery, and debt slavery is what they engineer for labor.
I am my property, you are your property, and the deeds these people hold do not give them the right to not pay for the use of my property.
This guy Walker is a stupid man working to split labor by denying the Union their due. The Unions will work for the benefits of all labor regardless, but he doesn’t want them paid? He must be working for the corporations while taking a paycheck from his citizens.
Labor will figure it out and his day will come.
The US Corporations are pushing it steps too far, lucky that they have succeeded in dividing labor amongst themselves buy using race, and rural interests in conflict with urban interests and cultures.
I am aware of the dangers of nationalization. In our past it was the larger corporations like DuPont that did invest in their own R&D. The US was therefore able to make the Atomic Bomb before Hitler did.
It mattered. My own father said he was certain to have died on the beaches of Japan after his combat in France and Germany.
Now the Corporations apparently can license the research of the Universities where the students pay to do the work for these Corporations in hopes of later seeing themselves in a good paying job that will enable them to retire the debt slavery they took on.
Should Labor fight and win in the nationalization of assets of the corporations that are stealing their present and future they would then already know where to go for the development and research the assets they then control so as to create products necessary for our economy and survival.
In conjunction with my currency, the Insurodollar, pooled equity of insurance policies awarded at birth we would obviously be taking self ownership seriously. A currency based on our human capital is understandable within the system of capitalism.
The Corporations use the nations army to keep access to oil, turn labor into servants, and do not pay for externalities, nor pay their fair share of taxes for protections of the US courts.
The police prey on citizens to generate operating funds so they can steal assets of those forced into the underground economy, or simply speeding. Fines and court costs force the poor to move from state to state, or sell their cars since a simple fine starts out at a level typical of a months wages for those trapped working for Wal Mart.
Innovations are supplied to the military instead of being of any benefit to the working man. I see this in the creation of exoskeletons aimed at making the movement of artillery shells, instead of being preventative of injury to the man moving sheetrock.
What difference then does innovation make for the working man if all goes to the weapons of war, which sane men seek to avoid?
The men of corporations just profit from war. Their homes aren’t bombed, and children ripped apart.
In a sane world Putin’s threats to bomb members of NATO with weapons of mass murder would have already prompted Security Council meetings. Netanyahu is applauded for his push for the US to go to war with Iran. These representatives of the Corporations who will tell you they are for peace, have become so stupid that any war will do.
The mobsters of Japan will clean it up? Are we to hope so, for apparently the mobsters of Japan ought to be getting practice as Fukushima quietly leaks Cesium 137. How long it is till the aquifer there makes any water in Japan poisoned, and all of the Pacific is polluted with Cesium 137, I don’t know.
Corporations of Japan want to build more of the exact same designed nuclear power plants, and instead of putting hydro tidal power generators in the oceans of their coasts, showed a design for solar panels in the ocean that is subject to intense storms.
Just stupid stuff.
The corporations are making it awfully clear that they do not think right, and it is about time that labor tried their hand at running things from all indicators proving their greed is a mental disease with affects more profoundly stupid than any experienced working man ought tolerate.
It looks as if Nationalization is the only answer.Transcendian Money by Dave Ripton

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