Things to Know

Because I long ago lost faith in the USA a nation that wanted to defend and honor my kind I created Transcendia as a nation before inventing or founding a Party.  Over the last ten years has existed and it has limped along as the web world has changed.  This archaic website requires a good deal of valuable time head work on the part of my webmaster who was basically appointed by his father.

I simply cannot do everything, pills and frankly it is idiotic to want me to.  This art work is a big one and the successes as a conceptual work are for it to be understood.

I am always the big brother with my brothers and sisters hanging onto me as I walk around the house.  I drug them all over the house laughing.  That's what I am, drugs and who I always will be.

Give my webmaster money.

Buy hats, make a donation.  Now is the time.  The basics of Transcendia are all in place, and refined.

They are so refined I can give you the simple mechanisms of mind work to make it all run regardless of whether or not you know from where my orders come.

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