Transcendia Engineers and Talent Party

I and my advisors have decided to form the TRANSCENDIA ENGINEERS AND TALENT PARTY.  I have a feeling there are some legal issues and requirements to become formally recognized in the US.  Many of my 45 followers on twitter are attorneys or law firms, pharmacy viagra so I hope they will help out.

I'll be making a video tonight which I can easily put on facebook and have go to twitter.  For those of you who use linkedin of our nation, order now with this party for the US wing, see what you can do to link it.  Otherwise it isn't as terrible as you might think to use facebook.

There will soon be some new administration for the for the fact is it is amazing I manage to do as much work as I do, and I have to give up power to make thing work better.  Besides that I'll die eventually.

We are real short on open pilot membership and involvement so I have appealed in one message for determination by the International Civil Aviation Organization to give us a medically approved Joint to Joystick time for our pilots.  I have high regard for the FAA.  I have high regard for the Specialized Agencies of the UN, but low regard for the other parts of the UN.

Basically I agree with Ambassador John Bolton that you might well be better off to cut the top ten floors of the UN off.  That might upset profits for the sex club La Trapeze on 27th.  The place was pretty much a Wednesday night UN fuck fest Wednesday nights when I lived at 66 Madion Ave., before I was forced out of business by the Producers Lockout, the cheap tabloids called a strike.

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