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There was an armed robbery on the street where we live a couple of nights ago.  My wife walked out in the night to find out what was going on.  I went online for something and had an email alert telling me that nearby 3 men had knocked in a neighbors door and robbed him at gun point.

I got my pistol, sick my little 1905 .32 S&W revolver and told my wife to get in the house.

Cops came by yesterday and walked up to the back deck where out I can see.  I was wearing my pistol in its flap cover WW I type officers holster and got up to speak with them.

I once got arrested for a 38 revolver in my glove compartment that I didn't grab for when blue lights went off behind me and wasn't on the dashboard when the officer came to the window.  I've always thought it was stupid in NC that the law is you have to leave your gun in plain view.  I really don't think it's a good idea either to grab a gun when blue lights go off behind you.  It got popular in NC for bars to have recording devices recording your conversations at the bar and I'm pretty sure I got pulled because the local cops were listening in.  Before leaving the bar I'd said I was going to go home and smoke some pot I'd just got.  I ended up getting arrested for the pistol and the pot.  To stay out of jail I had to threaten the transporting police officer with my intention to start crying real hard if I was going to have to spend time in jail.

I have extremely angry views about the prohibition in the US and the world really of pot and hashish.  The drug war is just everywhere and war in Irag was just like an Oakland or Brooklyn drive-by exported war in tactics except for the bombs.  It was so stupid that they didn't revive the US Constabulary Service after the win.  The willful stupidity of the US time after time is an awesome demonstration of  wisdom deficit disease that it is a wonder we are still alive.  I told my wife this morning i felt like I was already a ghost in the slow light alternative universe walking around in our house.

I've declared two wars, viagra maybe three over the past 5 years.  I declared war on Asteroids, and I declared to be up for a hostile take-over of Disney, and I've declared war to get Weapons of Mass destruction out of my hair, and since I've got the dual Founder of Transcendia, and still dependent on the US for an army to some degree I'm leading a war in the US against those who some think are helarious but I feel must be agents of a foreign nation intent on doing what they say they want to do, which is destroy the Federal Government.  They are conducting Economic Warfare on the US and its majority of citizens without a doubt.

The FBI and the Department of Justice, and the SEC apparently got too confused about the crimes done by Wall Street Bankers, and used the money to overwhelm the attorneys supposed to defend us citizens from thieves and scoundrels.  Ain't that a hoot.  Now I'm trying to make it easy and simple enough for them to understand by just pointing out what Economic Warfare is.  It looks pretty doubtful so far that they get it, or have the guts to do anything about it.  The video I put up on my new Facebook Page, Founder of Transcendia is almost funny, if you have a really black Candide Voltaire sense of humor.

So anyway, I made sure to tell the cops I was armed when I went out on the deck to talk with them.  They've known me in the neighborhood for at least 5 years.  I think they let me off for scaring off some guys that were beating on a woman in the street by firing my pistol into the ground and telling the gang of young men to get the hell out of here.  I waited for the cops to come and get me, cause I'd had my wife call them, but they never came.  They sure get put through a raft of shit everytime they fire their weapon so I was resigned to having to go through a lot of hell for what I'd done.  I never did get any guns or motorcycles till I was over 40, which I think was smart of me.  I never lost a fist fight till I was 36 either.  I couldn't fist fight with anyone anymore at all.  I got what I needed when what used to work, stopped having even any hope of success.

The doctors say that while it is obvious I am in such constant high levels of pain that I no longer know how tired I am, they won't give me any narcotics because the DEA won't let them if they find any evidence of pot in my system.  I asked them if pot had any detrimental effects on the efficacy of the drugs I have to take so I can hobble around at all,  and they said, "No.".  When they told me I couldn't drink any beer while on the drugs I stopped drinking beer.  Pretty funny that they won't give me drugs that have a record of making your dick limp or even killing you if you take too many, if they find evidence of a drug that is not particularly physically addictive, and has never been known to directly cause a single persons death in all of history.  Yeah, it's real funny.

Anyway I'm tempted to let you see me suffer more and more pain as the stenosis creeps more and more forward with its paralysis.  Sometimes my jaws clench weird and I talk like somebody I haven't ever seen in the mirror before.

Anyway all this stuff here I've written must be fictional.  Roger Angel was famous for writing long rejection letters.  He wrote me one about how he wasn't going to publish an essay of mine because he couldn't tell if it was fact or fiction.  I wrote back "Fuck Baseball!".  I've had an interesting life.

What was I talking about?

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