Thinking of Norm

I keep thinking of Norm, decease and what he might have done before he died.  I see him at 55 driving around in the scraggly NC nights of side road brambles and suicidal deer.

As good a reason as any to carry a gun in the car, try is for putting deer out of car wreck misery.  They can kill you through the front window from a broken neck, generic or dying kick your head off.

I myself stopped driving around alone in the country for no good reason some great number like 7 years ago.  Back when I was a youth I would drive around simply to drive around.  Some of my last alone car trips of in a thirty mile radius for no good reason were to the Paradise Club strip joint out there by the trailer park on 87 near Eli Whitney.

When I lived in Manhattan it was a comfort for me that I could drop in at a Strip Joint in neighborhoods I had general reasons to be in, or were close.  Down in the Wall Street area there was on Katharine and I went to together I most enjoyed one evening.  Billy Rays was good too alone talking with the Ballerina from Conneticutt.  She taught dance, and stripped cause she was a good dancer.  She said it took the same skills to deal with children and men at the strip joint.

I know two other professional women who did stripping.  Heather Woodbury is a significant performance artist and the star of the best Super 8 Feature I've ever seen: Larry Fessenden's Hollow Venus.  She put on as Director great classic striptease at the "Premier" of Hollow Venus.  Heather is a great force of nature for all her unrepentant theatrics.

Since Norm bought a Strip Joint with his lottery winnings I need to introduce him to Heather somehow, in spirit.

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