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As of this morning I read that the short novel Homeless Dog is "live" on Amazon for Kindle.  I hope some people will read it and get something out of it.  It is not a particularly happy read.  I say it is "What the revolution felt like."  Sure enough the Sixties were revolutionary times.  They were war times.  I did determine to make my own nation.

I sure enough do not look back with nostalgia about my era of youth.  Things were bad then, ask and bad now for my class, ailment the working class.  Essentially the day in and day out Drug War that was declared on my friends continues so we know we lost.  Neighborhoods all over the world are unsafe due to the Drug War.

War and Corruption make people poor, and corruption comes in the legal, and illegal.   The governments legalize some corruptions, insuring motives for gang wars.  Bad laws make for a bad society.  Drink and Drugs are Folkways, and cannot be legislated away.

Sure enough some drugs are better than others.  You'd about come to the conclusion the Nazis were come out of an awful lot of Speed, and I know when I was a Security Guard for Rochdale College, a revolutionary hub in Toronto, I worked to keep junkies and speed freaks out of the building.  It was Cocaine that was the corrupting element at that time and place, and I do say Cocaine was the worse thing that happened to my generation.  Rochdale College was both the best and worst of anarchy.  My Transcendia would put it on the airport.

Yah gottah figure that I as Security for such a place have some unique understandings of realities along with a love of the ideal.  I mean I had to fight with people at the door to the building.  I had to go looking for some guns one time.  That is a funny story actually, but hey, we can be lucky now and then, and it isn't all that funny at its core for it was come about over the freedom of a woman.  Hey one theory of mine is that all wars are over women.

I say that in the South of the US Civil War men owned, or hoped to own, both the White Women, and the Black Women, and didn't want to give that up.  Free women are difficult.  Yah gottah be a grown up to handle them.

Great ports have Women and Food.  – OKay.  I'm starting to drift here, but say, "My Past is Your Future."

Somehow the US Founding Fathers did inculcate the idea that it was a good idea not to have a theocracy.  At least they did it to a point.  It is those nations wherein the culture come from Religion, Women's Rights are regularly abrogated in the name of God, that we see a diminuation of civilization.  The nice thing about Airports internationally is that there in those airport borders, women are pretty much left alone to go about their civil business and the same rights as any other passenger.

We can build on this.  I don't have to do more than affirm what is good already about this.

You are encouraged to buy a Transcendian Flag to put up or show on a hat or bag in your travels.  I want to raise money to put Transcendian Passport offices in all International Airports.

The Transcendia.org Donate Button hasn't worked out yet.  Homeless Dog is on Amazon because at least people expect to pay a little for the work.

I have allowed advertising on Transcendia.org, but don't have any control over it.  Ain't seen any income from it yet either.

With some income I could fix this site up, so I do encourage purchase of Homeless Dog.  I think I can put together a better book if sales of Homeless Dog provide even a trickle.  

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