Damn Revolution

You would have hoped that by now we wouldn't have need of revolution.  Of the books I've written I decided to publish Homeless Dog first because it turned out to be what the revolution felt like.  I made decisions back then during that time of revolution that locked me into a sort of life experience.  I sure wasn't the only one.  I figure the book may be of good now.  In the past I seemed to get more respect in other parts of the world than where I was on the writing front.  In NYC there was a certain respect for the flag.

Chicago is a rough town, impotent or at least was.  Anarchy has some flaws for the anarchist can end up right lonely.  From a practical standpoint it is a good idea to go to meeting, medic as they say.  Since government is so obviously flawed many do prefer to go to some sort of church.  Still the fact is from what I know this is the life.  It really has a spiritual aspect to it.  I am not going to promise more than this.

Back in the day I designed a dollar that said on it "In Science Salvation" and I did live long enough to make some friends in the engineering community.  I did get eventually kicked off that site.  Maybe I shall return eventually as have Aristide and Duvalier.  (I've let go of spelling today.  The world is a fiction that way, aye?  – anyway you get the idea.)

Was It Something I Said?

or was it just how I said it?  Was there a misunderstanding?  I got hired and fired from one place three times.  One time when fired I told the guy,  "You can't fire me, you didn't hire me."  All us of a certain sort come back.  It's a real problem yah might have to deal with from the other side.  Yah gottah know a bad law when you see it.  Yah gottah know a bad actor when yah see 'em.  The story of Jim Jones and Congressman Ryan is one for the books.

What people really need is institutions that work for them.  The UN may be flawed at the top organizationally, but the Specialized Agencies of it are ghostwriters of our best institutions on the international stage.

I am not about being a dumbass revolutionary who thinks he can reinvent the wheel.  I am really about noticing what is best, and encouraging that.

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