Holiday Report/RSD

One important thing came together on the Transcendian holiday of April Fools 2 thousand 11.  That was my receipt of the line edited PDF for publishing of Homeless Dog.  Homeless Dog is a novel, novella I wrote awhile back.  Now I have to read my book before it is actually sort of published, I guess.  I have to admit I really don't want to read it, since I wrote it and wrote it, and have a general idea of what it is, and is about.  I have an idea about what it is good for far as mental landscape too.

It is about what the revolution felt like.  I was in the Chicago of the era of revolution.  I myself have skimmed back on being too much a hero target.  A guy like Fred Hampton is a real hero.  It is too bad he was assassinated, an a little good that there is evidence in the courts that that was the story.  Since Homeless Dog does capture lineage of political follow through exemplified by bombers and speakers, and fugitive life underground coming out of queer and black hatreds and the class struggle fractured up in war times across the board, well I imagine the current president would at least recognize some of the streets, and why I think the way I do as an author and poet.

It will be interesting when a nation leases airport land to the Transcendian Organization.  I as founder have made it clear I want to see an end to the Drug War, and feel strongly that pot is to be as legal as the other vices of cigarettes, alcohol, or Viagra, which I haven't yet gotten to try out.   There are some drugs around and out that I have no intention of trying out.  There is a place in my heart for hashish.

On other scores… Well this ain't for children.

We do want the adolescents to be excited about right living, in which case I always support technical education.  Transcendian income would be thrown at Flight Schools where artists and pilots would be forced to moderate vices.

What sort of Report is this?

Facing reality with a laugh and a hope, and short on cash and credit I continue trying to disengage from the cabal of fools living in certitudes of morality disconnected from what really amounts to love of all, as all are flawed, and we are all secret agents.

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