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There is news on the radio, drugs and on the TV and then news in papers, see and then people come up and tell you things.  Some feel that the stuff people up and tell you is most important.  A strong case can be made for that, doctor though all news needs to be taken with a critical eye.

The truth of the matter is important.  We are showered in life by mistakes and lies.

There is a need then for the transcendent philosophy that will account for the dirty truth.

I hear the news of Libya and Ivory Coast?  Cote de Overure?  "BagBo must go!"

Then I think people ask for too much right often.  In the cases of these Dictators, strongmen, Emperors, Kings, I'm for giving them a way out that cuts down on bloodshed.  I really figure it is better to treat them a bit as Napoleon was.  Sort of cool the reports of the French acting like a world power in their old colony this morning.  Let them take a little heat.  They have some real nice airplanes too.

I do like to at least imagine perfect heaven on earth.  Sometimes you have to wonder why it can't be when you see the money spent on stupidities.

Heard that people were murdered because some guy burnt a Koran.  Seems a disproportionate reaction.  It's not like he burned the only copy.  I'm sure there have been copies of that book torn apart by bad weather.  Some books I've written aren't worth reading, or ended up in a landfill somewhere.  People haven't got but so much power.  What power we do have is better used in other ways.

It is hard enough to build right.  Paul Johnson in Art, A New History argues that Architecture is the first art.  I end up in agreement with much of his thesis.  Still yah gottah have an engineer, or be one too.  Further as a photographer I think more of my art than he does.

So what I feel is that things are at heads, and am glad to see the French blundering around.  Too bad they don't seem to take Haiti back up.   

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