IGX & Imagine Air?

So far the Imagine Air IGX Med Air angle hasn't worked out.  Apparently from what I heard in a phone call Imagine Air decided that the insurance coverage required by the hospital, clinic along with twin engined equipment requirements, capsule wasn't worth it to them.  So far my study devolves into FAA regulations 121 and 135 causing me to need more information about European regulations.

My goal is to find a way to integrate non scheduled carriers with scheduled carriers.  I suppose it will be demanded of me to determine acceptable equipment.

Course the fact is that ideally all aircraft are flightworthy to the highest standards, ed and available for hire if they want to be.  Fact is if my car was to taxi standards whether I was on all private status, or for hire regulation status, would break me.  I don't drive much, and have the car filled with tools.  It would be interesting to see how far my car would go before I broke down.  Since I can't walk well at all anymore a car is pretty important to me for the little traveling I do do.

It is awful nice to have two engines, though there are some singles in service.  I've sure been willing to go up in or fly single engined aircraft.  I've even been up in a pressurized single, the P 210.  I can't see that it is absolutely necessary that all Med Air flights be in twins.  In the scheme of things across the board not everybody all the time ought to feel entitled to lives of no risk.

Anyway I have been studying up on these things trying my best to get good air service in and out of IGX.  My belief is that while the area is very nice as it is it is nice more for the lucky, than the just hard working.  I think taxes are awful high.  I notice the place is landlocked, but with great highway and even sortah rail.

Oh the fun we could have if we wanted too!

It would be a hoot to put a passenger car on every freight train.  You would get somewhere, sometime.

It is my position that there is the rise of  the Freelancer inhibited by the unimaginative.  Where I live here in Carrboro Chapel Hill the University has all the power.  Sure enough they cut back and fired people.  I imagined that the good people they fired ought to have been farmed out by the temporary employment service they had.  But what they did was close that.

Tar Heel Temps was near about literally across the street from the Horace Williams airport.  I had imagined Tar Heel Temps putting crews together for work needed further from the base, shipped out of the transportation hubs, or which one is still IGX, Horace Williams.

I still imagine such things.

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