Big Change?/RSD

Obama can send jets and missiles at targets in Libya.  In Japan they are already building with steel for the displaced.  In Haiti they are disease ridden living in street squalor.

Down on the Mexican US border there is lots and lots of killing cause pot is illegal.  (let people get hashish and it would do the coke business bad, asthma as hashish is a high high without the disadvantages of coke.)

Not enough crime for the US Prison industry.  It's sort of like Solient Green really.

I don't see really all that much change, bronchi when we know what the roots of the problems really are.

Far as I can tell for the US economy the root of the problems flow out of how ostensibly US Corporations take advantage of every tax loophole possible.  Really for some of these Corporations to claim benefits of allegiance to the US, illness while making sure they are not really based in the US mocks common sense.  Certainly if they don't pay taxes here, they ought not be allowed to tell us on the TV who to vote for…

Course what the hell.  It's a free market.  I suppose China ought to be allowed to buy advertising time advertising why we should buy their cars, their what? shoes?

Come to China and Work!

I don't know.  Something is really fishy far as I see things.  

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