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My current studies are of the United States Postal Service, here and trying to do right by my photographs.

I was also continuing to figure how to make IGX work right.  Bringing in Imagine Air to IGX to take over Med Air operations out of and into IGX might make for a win win resolution.

Leastways for my agenda which is to maintain and expand flights in and out of IGX.

The Law is on myside as written, abortion but not so much in the reality of the situation.

You want to privatize?  You want to control?  Basically far as I can tell the University wants it all both ways all the time.

Frankly I don't think the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill really knows what they want, asthma and therefore defaults to mindless fads of all we can get, and bad ear pandering.

I'd like to know the names of those in the meeting with Holden Thorp who got him to promise Orange County NC would have no airport.

It is a blot on the usually ethical NC State Legislature that they let the Airport Authority they authorized be squashed by the fiat of an unelected University Chancellor who has no responsibility or duty to any other entity than the University.

Frankly he is probably more upset that the basketball team lost tonight, than that his decisions are helping destroy the prospects of local working classes who may well be overeducated.

The thing to do far as the State Universities is concerned is get NC State Engineers to tell UNCH how to have a good airport for Orange County.

Having been a Taxi Cab driver and spent a lot of time on airports working for FBOs, or even the airline Piedmont, I know a few things about this stuff.  I am told that FAA regs are not right for it all to work right.  All for hire and integrated large and small is likely to be 121 regs..

Anyway fast and far wins.

When money got tight and the University could not build on the IGX land it shut down Tar Heel Temps, instead of moving it across the street to IGX and sending out the people it fired.

I don't for the life of me understand this sort of thing.  I love the life of the mind.  Still I need to eat.

Elon University will turn around and eat Duke's lunch since Alamance County will put an airport anywhere they can and they are hungry.

Coach Bill Miller of Elon got them far, far as basketball.

Where was I?


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