Unipolar Powerbalance?

Unisex bathrooms are for both sexes but Unipower is one nation in charge? Super power?  Right?

Libby the political science major told me some say the situation is now just the US.  I'd like to see France run the problem out in Libya myself, denture just out of intuition.

I feel that the French have some good enough planes for the mission and think they are more capable of dealing with the interests of the Italians in this matter.

Far as any realism is concerned, you who might think boots on the ground are not, or won't be required, are fools, in my opinion.

When I get hurt I am not above fighting fire with fire.

I recently read Once a Fighter Pilot by Jerry W. Cook.  It is hanging with me well.  Some nuts and bolts realities are most important to remember about war, and one that requires boots on the ground in Libya, same as in the air for General Cook, is positive identification of the enemy.

How you going to not kill civilians or friendlies, if you can't see them close up?

Who cares if a place is safe or not anyway, if they would never go there?

Face it and admit that people go to Libya to buy oil. 

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