Soul of Aerotroplis/RSD

When designing Transcendia I took great notice of things Hitler and his 7 did.  The point was that if I wanted to do as much good, remedy as Hitler did bad, I needed to know what he did technically to achieve such power.  The ideals of hatred are not accepted and are to be reversed.  The history of Hitler, and apparently his teetotalling speed freak habits make me wonder if the world would be a better place if he'd drank as much beer as I have.  I one time got to try some pilot pills, good speed, called White Cross, and liked that, but other heavy speeds made my heart hurt, and having had Scarlet Fever I figure I could well have some heart scaring.

I noted that Hitler and his guys did radio and movies, and uniforms and posters, with speeches cults and clubs.  Hitler Youth and sex for citizen production clubs sortah like the Boy Scouts were done.

I seem to fail to give a lot of speeches, but am working on getting a few at least out on YouTube or somewhere.  Eventually here in semi archaic Had two editions of the flag.  IT IS A GREAT FLAG, and we need to make more of them, bigger, and up at airports.  I need to show the flag more, like I did at Dag Hammerskold Plaza.  There were also the MESSAGE ROCKET LAUNCHES of ROC, and LGA.  JFK works too.  You know you can just put an airport identifier on your snail mail letter, and the US Post Office knows what you mean.  I use IGX all the time.  People know how to find me.  I think I'm now also listed in the phone book.  I love that movie The Jerk.

Anyway years ago I wanted to make a business of billboards painted flat on the airport fields seen best at landing or take off.  I thought it was an unexploited billboard opportunity I could make some money from.  I seem to have too many ideas to make any money from any of them.

What I started out to say was that Transcendia is the soul of Aerotroplis.   The review of John D. Kasarda, and Greg Lindsey's book, Aerotopolis says soul is missing from their vision.  Well I've got that covered.  I even understand why they missed that, since it is an inherent strength of the airport that it is culturally neutral, to a great degree.  The Frequent Flyer programs echo the early days of the passenger log book.

It is cool really to log all your airtime either way.  Too bad Hitler was a mud soldier instead of a pilot aye?  Yah gottah wonder why smart guys want to hate people and kill. Enhancing Civilization is really more fun, in my opinion.  I suppose it is a reason for my love of physics and engineering.  Have a car, here's a highway kids, go fast.

Apparently IKE was pretty impressed with the autobawn.

It is not right on airports for women to be mistreated.  It is a soulfull reverse of jew and less robotic perfections hatred imagined to fight for women's rights.  Your culture may well be flawed and not allowed on international airports, in Transcendia, if it is bent towards mistreatment of girls.  One of the finest things women can do is carry the family name equally as men.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, saying of the Aerotroplis I was the man.  Transcendia is the soul of it, for it has a flag, I have a uniform, I have a passport.  There is some art…

Gottah do a poster.  Checklist thing.  TV has been done, but a new push required.

Far as where I live I've done the IGX campaign, and not fully lost, just not won as much.

Since Dr. Kasarda works in town at Kenan Institute I am local enough for IGX to be a place to meet, and move forward from in tandem.  Hey, I got soul!

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