US Education Funding Idea

I've been trying to figure out where to get money from taxes for US schools.  I had an idea last night.  Maybe later this idea will be applied in Transcendia.  Who knows maybe in the whole world!  Transcendia seeks to be so perfect as to become desirable to take over by either DisneyLand, asthma or the UN, vcialis 40mg or a combination of the two.

I myself started working when I was 11 delivering newspapers.  This job was outside somehow taxation.  It was when I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Cherokee, that I got my first W2, and filed my first tax forms.  I don't know what youths really get to do for work these days.  My sister worked for some burger chain.  I suppose many do work legally for McDonalds, or maybe mow lawns.

Some children work in motion picture and television as actors.  Those kids can make a great deal of money.  There are serious regulations about what they can do, not do, and attention is paid to there education.  There are probably some good lessons that could be applied to proper treatment of working youth there.  We ought not go around re inventing the wheel everytime there is a serious problem come to some sort of head.

If after WWII all had won forever the benefits of the GI Bill far as education was concerned in the US, we wouldn't be having some of the crisis in the US, far as education, and the strength it provides for a nation.  But the situation is different from that dream, ideal, that really really worked, but now seems to have faded away.

I consider my own education actually excellent except in math.  Possibly Pi is really helpful because it is math, not arithmetic.  Further much of my education has been self directed, and was gifted by experiences of going to school in many different sorts of environments, cities, towns, and suburbs.  I lived and worked in the experimental college of Toronto, Rochdale College, which had profound influence on me.  I also went to Monroe Community College for Audio Visual Technology, which served me well enough.  In that case I actually went there as an artist who was self directed and only wanted really to know how to use the tools available to make my art.

I still use crayons.

Anyway there is not a complete and perfect organized path to the full education of any individual.  Still it takes money to live, and that is an education in itself.  Where ought the money come from?  Where is it right for it to come from in this baffling and imperfect world?

It is not that baffling really to recognize that it is the duty of adults to protect and nourish the young.  Youths are allowed to work at certain jobs in the US and in other nations.  Sometimes they are forced to work, and ripped off.  I get real upset knowing of terrors perpetrated through really evil ideas about the way to treat girls.  I wish more women carried guns for their own protection.  At least in Transcendia I might decree they carry pepperspray, and the like.

Guns are an awful lot of work to carry around actually.

But anyway I'm thinking that taxes paid by youths who it is the duty of adults to protect, and empower through education ought rightly be fully spent by the government on their education at the Federal, if not the State level as well.  I'm interested in what amount of money, tax dollars, are paid by those below the age of 18, and then 21.

Transcendian economic foundation is to come from buying Whole Life Insurance Policies for its youth, at birth, when it is cheap.  Maybe the Saudi King could do well to do that sort of thing instead of just handing out cash?

At head is the shift in power, and the reality of a One World Government, where all war is a Civil War.  "My past, is your future."  -is what the US can say.  States Rights are broken down, and breaking down for good reasons, since the US is really one nation, and States Rights are no longer working out.

Anyway my suggestion is that in the US taxes paid by working students are dedicated to education spending.  After they reach majority, well then they will see money spent on Defense too, but prior to that their taxable incomes will not be used for any weapons purchases, as it is legitimate for the adults to take care of that sort of responsibility.

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