People need to know some things.  It is one of two major responsibilities for a government to provide good education.  In my experiences with Unions, therapy the bottom line was that Union workers were better workers than non union.  I frankly was proud that the union wanted me after working non union jobs.  Music Video jobs would twist my gut in knots over where my equipment was, unhealthy if somebody was going to get killed, medstore or I'd get the money.

Ripped all my fingernails off fretting one so bad I hadn't thumbnail enough to pick up a quarter.

Most people I know just want to do a good job at their job, and otherwise be left alone.

Teaching is one hard ass job really.  It is second in importance to the survival of the nation to defense.  Actually the two may well be of equal importance, but you do have to admit you have no country that you cannot defend.  If you are ignorant, you may sometimes still be lucky.

Anyway maybe yah gottah put up with toll roads, or gambling, and maybe hurt people who are corrupt and steal from the public, but you have a duty if you know a twit about what government is supposed to do, to at least support education.

It is likely that we can look at in the US those that have fought for the Pell Grant, and those that work to diminish it, and draw a line.

NC is as strong as it is due to agile Community Colleges.

Far as the US is concerned, I myself am for a percapita level of spending, and see variances in schools far as the money, so tied to local property taxes, as not the right way to go.  Have we got a country or what?  What's up with States Rights if States Rights is about keeping some of the citizens Ignorant and Superstitious!  My schools are Flight Schools.  I don't need to do propaganda.

I confess, when I wanted to go to another school, I just went there.

Grew up sort of wild without much money so Boy Scout Camp was about as close to Boarding School as I got before a scholarship cause of poems.  I've had a scholarship to a very high level Executive Workshop even late as an adult, for my poems.

Poetry otherwise hasn't been a big money maker.  Still over in Arab countries poets are highly regarded.  Over there they are murdered, while here we are just marginalized and starved.

It would take me awhile to fully explain the last paragraph.

Anyway I do believe factual education is to be second to defense for spending and abhor any who diminish that.

It is terrible for me to live in a paradise that hates its airport.  I'm well educated about the realities of life and just don't understand how the University doesn't seem to get it.  The liberal education is supposed to be about balance.  One is supposed to know how to actually get from A to Be.

I wish that I had had to opportunity to have flown with Horace Williams.  He sure has made a point about balanced education, far as I see it.

Anyway I have to sign off now.  Sorry I haven't completed and tied it all up by saying where the money is to comefrom comfortably.  Maybe you can figure it out.

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