Exile Island/RSD

Muammar al-Qaddafi has not been made the most sensible offer I know of, ailment far as I know.  That would be Exile Island.

I had some wonderful correspondence with Andre` Lewin of the French UN Association concerning Points for Reinvention of the UN.  One of those points is Exile Island like Elba was for Napoleon.  I made the point that Transcendia, the nation of airports could well take up the exile option, as it is essential a system of island airports.

Hell when despots finally leave town they typically go to the airport anyway.  Most even despots know how to act at the airport.  Shuffle 'em off to Disneyland forever.  Not like some of them ever got around to the real world.  I mean I want my country to be attractive to join.

There are some very attractive things about living on the airport.  This is especially true if we want to advance women's rights.  I've not visited all of the great airports of the world, but suspect open persecution of women is not generally tolerated in international airport confines, which tend to run according to international standards of behavior.

My experiences of what I call well civilization have been a gift to me.  Most markedly from state to state most similar on airports.  I also lived in a zenith city of civilization, NYC.  On airports or in NYC I ran into randomly old friends from all over, or made new, sometimes of right fleeting common experience to be shared.

I do not terribly lament urbanization.  The Fuel Farm worked for me as I went in circles fueling airplanes and reading books.  An International lending library system on international airports is entirely workable, though I'd hate to put airport book and magazine stores at any disadvantage.

Where was I?  Oh, I was postulating that Exile as was accorded such a character as Napoleon can be a best case thing when it is time for a leadership change.  I suggest that the International community of nations put the option forward to Muammar al- Qaddafi.  He could at least salve his ego by recognizing it happened to Napoleon too. 

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