Things to Do

Prior postings this month disappeared.  Possibly they can be retrieved via Internet Archives in about 6 months.  Otherwise I have to retype, vialis 40mg rewrite them from paper print outs.  I am grateful that the webmaster has fixed the problem.

Sometimes I read about crazy people with large followings, symptoms or individuals like the Unabomber, health and am thankful I'm not crazy.

In fact I am certified sane, since my sanity was seriously challenged in the courts during my divorce.

Due to a number of semi predictable events I have been caused to review my life and work.  Some of it stands up pretty well over time.  The rule is look at a poem after it has aged for a year at least.  On this site I was doing pretty good in 2005.

Starting in 2007 I got addicted to writing on CR4.  Finally I was banned from that place in December 2010.  Actually I believe there was some misunderstanding, but then again acknowledge that there was also some real conflict with the controlling administration.  Overall it is an interesting cyberworld political event.

My friends there above the neck did produce a White Paper about building in Haiti.

I am terrible in that I don't want to live in disaster prone areas.  Visits are okay.  LA is tempting, or was.

I did drift around and know well how valuable the real estate is where I currently live.  Still I do get big ideas about this small place that are tailored as appropriate to it.  I am specifically talking about a little airport in Orange County North Carolina controlled by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  No Airport signs all over the place were so numerous before the economic crash you might rename the county No Airport County.

Ironically Dr. Kasarda of Kenan Enterprise Institute argues for Aerotropolis from offices about 2.5 miles from IGX, or Horace Williams airport.  The University controls this land by legacy, though not law.  Dr. Kasarda did not help out at all with IGX.  In the end the little airport is simply not run right.

It may well be best as a Pocket Airport for the community served well by the big airport RDU over there in Wake County, but that doesn't mean my little airport ought to be badly run, and killed off in a land grab by academics on fad boondoggle building tracks.

My thing to do now is put out old videotapes of Transcendian video productions that at least confirm my storied conflicts, or comedic views of a difficult life I hope to inspire others to make easier.

Oh to be gifted with flowery gab.  Sometimes I don't have it.

Just barely hanging on, okay for today.

Victory is just around the corner. 

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