I really used to love to drive, buy but don't anymore.  I did have a great deal of driving skill which did turn into more like strategic operations, than skill operations.  I have trouble turning my head anymore.  The arthritis in my neck is inhibiting.  It would be easy for me to back over you in a parking lot.

Anyway since I have noticed that people drive as fast as the posted speed limit will allow, with no regard for weather conditions I get off the super highways, especially in rain.  I take a slower route.

When there seems to be something wrong with the car, I take a slower route.

In my driving career I've never been stuck all that long, but I have been stuck.  I have had to get out and walk, so I never treat a car or truck as clothing.  Some people do that. I think it is a very bad idea.

Trick is to take the best route for the conditions in the vehicle you got, or hire a cab, or call a friend with a better vehicle, or stay home. 

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