Traveled RDU to LIT Undressed

The number two US Air terminal at RDU is awesome pretty and manly nice to women too.  My wife liked it while I tried to remember the names of rigging things.  I had intended to get some pictures of the place but my camera battery died and I only got some pictures of CLT, sale Charlotte.

During the recent trips I have been flown as known and flown as unknown.  I kept having to undress as an unknown.  I have problems getting dressed because of my arthritis and having to undress a lot in the normal course of a day of travel is a real pain in the ass enough for me to wish some shoe bomber had never been born.

I got throughly searched and felt up, adiposity patted down in Charlotte NC.  At RDU they didn't make me take off my suspenders, so at CLT I didn't and then I got patted down in public.  I chose public since going into a private room for it all was another time waster.

Way out start even right we missed the flight, and had to get another.

Somebody was caused to shed some tears.

"Guess what kids, it's War Time."

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