Transcendia for Kasarda and Rhonda

Port cities live forever.

An ideal port is by the sea, symptoms on a railway line, stuff at the end and along major highways at the end of a river.

If a place is landlocked, generic without a river, and far from the sea, not even by a great lake, or just somewhere up high low or wherever, its hope of being well founded, eternal, is offered by the wonder of its airport.

Tolerance of others is heightened in port cities.  Port Cities and towns are naturally forced to be more civilized than the podunks.

According to John Loftin who wrote The Big Story about religions Mohammad and his band attacked and robbed travelers, businessmen on the Silk Road.  In my time the airport has become much much less civilized by two sets of people.  One set like Dave Burke who was a pimp and coke dealer lives in the company.  Dave had more to do with security changes on US airports than Osama Bin Ladin.

Dave shot people on the plane after getting caught stealing.

Now all was just made more general by 9/11, and the attack on the port of New York, the World Trade Centers, and the Pentagon.

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