Memory Flood and Other Stuff

I started reading Once a Fighter Pilot… by Jerry W. Cook, buy and was flooded with memories of early flights and my life on the airport.  Then I had some memories of sex.  Flying memories are simpler.

I'm grateful to all the pilots I flew with that let me fly the plane, asthma for I did a lot of hanging out.  Airplanes and motorcycles and boats and cars and even trucks have been a balance for me.  I haven't been making many new memories with them.

Mostly I've been thinking about how to govern, or create a government that works everywhere for everybody.  This is of course a pretty hard thing to come up with for people are not the same really.

Years ago I had some more lucid explanations about why all wars are over women.  The news out of Egypt reminds me of them now.  The need of a man for a wife, or wives is awfully significant as far as what happens politically in the world.  When I studied the Civil War of the US I developed my theory that all wars were over women.  It seems that the White Men owned both the White and the Black women in the South, and didn't want to give it up as either a reality or a prospect.

Overall most sane and sensible guys just want to go to work in the day, and come home for dinner, some TV, and do it again and again and again delighting in the sight of some leg.

I may be a leg man.

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