Everything in Confusion

I wonder who I might get to adopt my plans and platforms, malady agendas and all so I can hide out in the shadows?  I'd rather just be anonymous and vote, than become a target.  Some people want to be a target.  I've got enough problems and few defenders.  I am aware I need to watch out about who I make into an enemy.  Still I'll make some no matter what good or bad I might do, or endorse.  I am sure that lurking in my philosophy and set of beliefs, there is some flaw.  However it could be that all my flaws are my personal business, and that all my public stances are true and correct.

John Edwards comes to mind.  Pretty damned flawed far as his personal life it would appear.  And what about Mark Sandford?  -whomever, governor of South Carolina.  What's up with that guy?  To disappear and be out of touch on a secret mission for messing around with a woman while sitting in office as the governor of a state seems childish behavior in the extreme.

Ben Franklin is the man, but even he has some blots on his actions as disloyal and selfishly amused when it comes to women.  Leastways he had the scientist thing to fall back on.  Bout all I've done is theorize that multiple universes will have a different constant for the speed of light, but otherwise all physics will be predictable according to what that constant dictated.

Reports to me indicate in a slow light speed universe less more stable elements, and in a fast constant universe more unstable elements.  This would make for me the impossibility of some other Bizzaroland like in Super Man, me.  It's like how when I consider reincarnation I can't see coming back on this planet if at all anywhere.

Still I do suspect I have an eternal soul, which I differentiate from whatever might a spirit be in physics like to me, without real individual identity.

I suppose this is why I suggest all experiment with readings from the Bible and I Ching at the same time.  Having done it I am just sometimes awestruck at the feeling of complete truth about shared time of us in a world real, and only touchable by the mind.  How can this be?  It doesn't make sense.  Finally I figure this one life is enough of a spiritual experience to be enough evidence of a spiritual experience to justify a call to God for something better.  Wars killings, maimings and all that torture, do they really have to be?  I could see selling pepperspray and the Transcendian Passport Citizenship package with the Flag and all together.  It crossed my mind when the Congresswoman was shot that things might have gone better if people had had pepperspray in their pockets.  These non lethal weapons are cheap and effective.  I'm interested in what the ICAO regulations are concerning them.  (International Civil Aviation Organization}.

I'm constantly thinking about how to make the perfect port.  My life in Manhattan on the island was fairly civilized.  It is one hell of a civilized port with a lot of incidents not so stellar, but pretty impressive far as civilization ideals is directed.  Some fine moments where if I was direct and spoke clearly the outcome was humorous and fun.  In particular I remember asking if the crowd to the doors on the subway car were going to let me on, or not, and they all backed up.

The ICAO as another of the invisible Specialized Agencies of the UN are from where our hopes for stability and progress have reason enough to spring.  It's the other parts and all of the UN that need some work.

-another somewhat confusing post lacking full unity of thought and resolution.  Watch me think.  Someday dead a summation by somebody else will be my biography.  Just pushing on as just another fool dreaming of perfection denied by a body of needs, a light bulb made for 17.5 amps, drawing lines on maps and burning 20 gallons an hour.  – not too bad really…Still too much to not accumulate debts.

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