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Orange County still has a little airport.  In the somewhat recent past I was compelled to enter local politics, cialis and campaigned for a seat on the Airport Authority.  I was campaigning for an appointment to a seat.   Due to published writings in the paper since I drifted into living here in Carrboro, and Chapel Hill it was known I was appropriate for a seat.  The way things worked out was that those who were opposed to any airport anywhere in the county went to the Chancellor of UNCH, and got him to promise to kill the airport he had control of, and promise there would be no airport at all in Orange County.  This obviated the need for an Orange County Airport Authority, which had been authorized by the NC State Legislature.  Hence I didn't get a seat on the Orange County Airport Authority.

The situation and events is unique in the nation, if not the world.  It may be part of a trend.  I myself don't see it as a great trend.  I suppose I have long been somewhat in conflict with Academics, and Academic Institutions.  Far as evidence of the possibility of this trend is the fact that now the University of Rochester is the major employer in Rochester New York, as opposed to Kodak, or Xerox.  Obviously the major employer in a town will have a great deal of power over the politics and how money is spent by the governments.  In the case of Chapel Hill it is obvious that the University runs the place so much so as to make the Mayors of Chapel Hill, and Carrboro about useless.

I may be forced to run for Mayor of Carrboro, though maybe I am forced to run for County Commissioner.  It is my vision and beliefs about what makes for an eternal city that may force me to do what I have never had the courage to do, which is run for an elective office.  The reason for that is that I like to keep a few secrets about my private life and flaws.  I'll tell you what is great about me.  For one thing I've got the ability to rebound from beatings and losses with humor about it all.  I've got integrity at least for playing the game not cause I like the game, but it is a duty come out of a vision come out of experience and questions about what is really grand about life.

I'm proud of myself for fighting for what is really right regardless of the pain.  One shining battle was when I was beaten by three coked up assholes defending an X rated movie star from rape.  I was beaten so bad I saw double for three days.  Some said I was stupid for defending a low woman.  I said it was not for them to judge her for even if she did it for the camera and money, rape was not  right.

So I had some integrity there that came about to get me beat up without much time for me to do more than be my Boy Scout self.  There are areas where I am a Boy Scout gone wrong though.  I might make a pretty good Mason though, from what I can tell…

At anyrate round here I have an agenda that is intended to work on both the local scale of a small town, and the major scale I just call planet Earth.  Both places are home.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill used to have a Temporary Labor Service that gave work to people who simply lived around here.  There is a great deal of labor at the university that does not require higher learning to be accomplished.  It was also a way into a permanent regular secure job.  Actually no job is all that secure. Many smart University people were also let go at the time the Tar Heel temps was shut down.  I'd have put both and all out from an office at the airport anywhere in the world, instead of pandering to appearances.

There was a time when I went anywhere for work and was not particularly married to anywhere.  Home was where I was.  I didn't really have time to participate in the politics of where I might be simply to make a paycheck.  You do win militarily if you have speed and reach of your weapons that is superior to that of your adversaries, or competition.  A fast boat is better than a slow boat.  It is bad to be trapped and lost.  – Figure it out.  It is not good for major employers, especially Universities to throw people out of work and give them nowhere to go.  What the fuck are they really teaching over there, up there in the Ivory tower?  I really am sorry I didn't go to Harvard, but I'd probably fit in better if I got to teach at West Point.

Damn I want to have a Transcendian Bank, and Insurance Company.

Aint ever got a check from the Donate button on this site.  I do have a secret plan for what to do with money I might get if I win the lottery like Norm in the fiction section.

Anyway, to sum up here, locally if I had some money I'd put a temp service back together that worked to get people of all classes where they and their skills were needed and fit at the little airport the University runs now, into the ground.  If girls would dance for us naked in a classy strip joint to make the money to have a bank and insurance company able to rival the power of the in control academics, well, I suppose I'd have to protect them from harm.

I like a uniform, but wonder if I should run naked?

Yah know some say its all about real estate, but really its about women.  Wars happen over issues related to the interests of women who need a nest.  Yah gottah be able to bring home the bacon.  Helicopter pilot jobs are good because you get home most nights.

Anyway Labor Services don't have to be so narrow as to not employ all.  Yah need to have a labor hall at the port where the willing can show up, regardless of were they might end up.   

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