Shoot Questions

You fought for a seat on the IGX Airport Authority, capsule  What did you have in mind for it?

What would you have same for a Local Community Airport like IGX, clinic and an International Airport like EWR?

What experience to you have that qualifies you to make suggestions, decrees, or laws?

1.  I want it to work for all of the local classes.  Grand Central Station in Manhattan works for all.  You ought to know that ports live forever, and port  people know how to get along.  Protect and help the traveler.  Strangers are just friends you ain't met.

2.  Well, I'd like to have an office for Transcendians on every airport, seaport, or spaceport that was a fine hang out and where business could be done fairly without fear.  My cousin Kate is a great sociologists.  Place needs to work according to UN Human Rights accords that give women equal rights.

3.  I've lived in the rural South of the racist US, the isolated carport places of Suburbia, and in tough big ass cities like New York, and Chicago.  I went to public schools, and got scholarships, and I've read a lot.  Actually Rochdale College in Toronto had a lot of influence, for it was a unique nation.

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