The Grid Engineers and Talent

The Engineers and Talent Party must popularize US and International Power Grid Securtity and capablity.  Power is the foundation for Civilization.

The present and future depends on integration of all power sources into the power grid.  It is the single most important infrastructure necessary for us to focus on.  The Transcendian airports must use the best power control techniques, canada pills systems, treat and equipment so as to provide great service and be always as much a destination as a port.

The job is Grand enough to give the US what it needs as far as paying work to overcome US political failures in many other areas.

The Enron Story tells us right now recently of how not to do it.

That experiment failed.

Things were better before deregulation of the Power industry, and what was good about the past must be reinstituted nationally and internationally by the US and its allies.

There are Engineers who know what to do to build, rebuild and sytematize the Power Grid to be capable of maintaining human life at it's maximum allowable population levels for the longest period possible.  Talent, like Actors and Directors and writers need to help explain to the people how this one bit of work needs to be done, and make sure money is spent on doing it.  I'm serious.  The Unions and Guilds necessary to making TV and Movies need to ally with the engineers and designers to get the work on the Power Grid underway, at the top of the Politicians minds to spend our money on.

I as leader and founder of Transcendia, the soul of Aerotropolis, have worked with many ideas over the years so as to make myself and my invention, as perfect a thought experiment as it is possible for a street educated working class guy can do.

I've done damn well, and now have advisors worth knowing who as pragmatists know all I missed from not going to a school like Harvard, I made up for through focused reading and a willingness to work hard.

They will take up with polish some of my deficiencies, because they know I'm simply right.

Becoming a motion picture grip and gaffer has filled a technical gap in my education, that amazingly enabled me to compete as a thinker with real engineers and scientists.

I perfectly fit as the demander of action for the people and the times.

I am even wonderfully sick and in need of very expensive medical care if I am to live.  I and my wife have great understanding of what is wrong with healthcare in the US.

In my particular case it is clear that there are too many hands in the pie.  There are a lot of people who ought to be doing something else.

No matter what the good and  bad of medical care anywhere may be.  Get and keep a GP, whenever and wherever you are, and you will be glad of it when you get sick.

If there is anyone to blame for the suffering and expense now required for me to live, it was the GP at the Doc in a Box I went to when pain had gotten too bad for me to stand up and walk anymore.  There is a lawsuit there.  But regardless, get a comitted General Practiconer.  

The American Automobile Association system ought to be applied to US healthcare.  For Transcendian citizens I'll be applying tax money to complete life insurance services and pooling the value of that along with whatever real assets We get on which to base the currency in the Transcendian Central Bank.  The Screen Actors Guild is notable for the work they do keeping track of their members work and making sure they get paid and their physical needs paid for.  Between their ways of operating and the way the American Automobile Association operates you have good systems to apply and worth spending national money on.

So here I have written that our party needs to push in the Commons for the Grand Power Grid, and how Transcendia is visualized as a party and a nation, to a certain extent, as far as I can go right now, in conjunction with many other letters.

Thanks for your interest.

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