Vid Speech Notes/RSD

I've gottah do a stand up formal speech sortah, ed for these times.

Transcendia has been around as concepts and work outs and some rare speeches and message rocket launches since the early eighties.  It came from Transcend-O-Ray the Aleph sort of vision I had.  That came out of a period of boredom and bliss when I was 20.  Since I was born in 1952, price I guess that was 1972?

The wonders of my life have been how to see people from outer space, medicine and how to prevent nuclear war, which I call Apocalyptic Riot now.

Physicists say my way to see people from outer space is not workable due to the coherence problem concerning photons and light where I wanted to put holograms on photons, but some girl somewhere is reported to have overcome briefly this problem.  For most all of it overcoming the constant speed of light in this universe is desirable, so what I think might be possible is to wormhole, Blackhole from one universe to another to speed video pictures like gravity slings for newtonian worlds is done with spaceships.

Sending round signals between the different universes utilizing the photons that can be same slowed or quickened in the different universes with different constants for the speed of light, will be a big trick.  I think if it can be done, it has been done, which means Faulkner was right about the past not even being past.  It also implies that one life is enough, miracle enough.

Anyway those are the fun thoughts.

The not so fun thoughts are how to keep our stupid asses from blowing us all up to death.

My belief is that to do that we need to make a nation of airports called Transcendia.

Transcendia, is a friend to yah!

The reason Transcendia would work to forestall Apocalyptic Riot, Big War, is Grand.  It is new.  It is old.

Fact is since the invention of the airplane anywhere land locked or not can create a great port.  Airports are particularly a zenith creation.   As well internationally airports exist that are culturally neutral.  Some women of wealth power and beauty can travel all over the world, and be about as safe as if they were in midtown Manhattan, or Paris, or London, Berlin, or Hong Kong.

Women have good ideas too, and they have businesses I might need to work for, and airplanes make the world small enough for right time personal contact.  It would be ideal if there was a nation of international airports under one flag, My Flag.

Are you following me here?

What We want to do is create a working world that lets everybody go where they want, man or woman to simply get things done that need to get done.

We, Humanity, are in deep shit.  Want me to say it another way?  We Humanity are in deep trouble!

We must get along or we will not get through this bottleneck and become a Big Time Species.

There are nuts and bolts of how this can be accomplished, and even the thoughts and policies made out of ideologies must be just real as anything made of steel.

One real and unreal thing for Transcendia to do is to create an insurance policy that gives labor parity with capital.

Then with valued lives I could get ahold of ports in countries and moderate economic conflicts advancing prosperity for all.

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