I had a business to run once.  My main tool was insurance.  Without it I wasn't a real business.  I highly recommend youths buy Whole Life Insurance Policies with their allowances, generic or from whatever income they can get out of mowing lawns.

I do wonder what job opportunities exist anymore for youths these days.  My first job of any regularity was delivering newspapers.  That isn't so much at all much of an option for youths these days.

I know some youths who made fighting robots, and repaired or made musical instruments from an early age that seem to be doing all right.  I myself will pay youths to help me write on the computer.

People need food so I guess youths ought to stack up tires and grow potatoes in them.

I suspect the world is reverting back to what it was when we were illiterate savage animals.  Round here there is a need for deer killing.  Deer are traffic hazards.  Urban deer hunting is something the 13 year olds could be doing at dawn around here.  Probably they ought to use bows and arrows.  Deer hunting and potato growing may well be good jobs for youths locally, since newspaper delivery is a dying business around here.

I started working when I was 11.  I spent money on food and clothes and candy.  Too bad I didn't buy an insurance policy then.

I didn't get good financial advice.  My dad wasn't much interested anymore in killing, since he had only been a soldier involved in killing other people.  For soldiers there is a paycheck in being successful at killing other soldiers.  Course fact is killing deer, or pigs, or cows, may well be a better job, since other soldiers are more capable of shooting back.  They do sell soldiers insurance policies though.  Far as jobs go that are somewhat undeserving of good payouts for the insurance company, the job of killing people is right up there.

Mostly it seems youths go into the drug business, or computers.  Computer games are big.  Nice guys and their women from Mexico around here were doing all right building houses and buildings till that work ran out.

Whatever income I get comes from making either art, or furniture out of junk.

I'm thinking about going back into show business. 

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