Thinking Yes and No


Before a Sarah and girls fashion show.

It will probably be alright now. The way it started had ideals but those get forgotten when strangers come around and all of everybody gets unleashed. These things all happen in war times.
Now it is permanent war times as it was then for all the criminals trying to make a living.
I was a name forgetter. That isn’t all enough.
My regard was as naive, young, pretty good for a word person was the one quoted compliment. That was come from my gobbly gobble noises made to high out there speed freaks who had lost the trust in their own senses.
The Lobby area at the door was a stage area with curtains behind being then the banks of elevators and the paintings and the big stairs down stage right or left from the viewer where fell down people and disgorged events waterfall like the meeting of the in and out of the mouth of the place.
One fight or drama went on here after another day and night as it was the border and we were border guards.
In the daytime I would go there as an insider and hang out. I might be on the door in the night with then up to three of us. 2, or one., it is 42 years ago now. I was more self absorbed then.
I’d freaked out once and gone out for a long walk. I remember that. I remember some of that. I decided to give up LSD. Everybody wanted me to be gay I thought.
Somebody said it was all okay after you had done LSD. I didn’t agree missing my girlfriend. There had been the dumb cleaning girl who was available and they told me was real stupid. There was Kathy. There was the girl with sharp bottom jaw teeth. Some underage girl rubbed me till I had to do something for the both of us.
I don’t remember much other girls other than the bank teller I kept trying to get.
It is truly amazing what guys are gay or bi.
Anyway then on then what the corruption was: How it took form. First early we had all thought that cocaine was not addictive and that the reason not to do it was that it was a Mafia drug. That was turning out to not be the whole story. I turned it down because it was illegal in the building.
I wish I could remember the details better of the story. That was a hell of a party with the gas mask. Cocaine was offered to me, and that would have made me complicit and an insider to the corruption and all would have been better for me.
I guess.
My number came up 346. That is a good thing.
There had been the robbery and the beating and we found the guy hiding behind a couch in a hallway on the 11th floor I think.
The movie would have built up to this story as a turning point as in a memoir you are supposed to put things in that are actual turning points.

I was frightened running around looking for this guy found in a group of three as all forces had been alerted.
You sat at a desk with your back to the elevators and on your right was the big lobby and behind the record store was the room for the security office and upstairs was the big conference room? Big Meeting, Big Gathering room, and offices there for April?, girl with the high up butt, long legs with a short body and brunette with curious eyes and nice, a nice inquisitive person who I am sorry I didn’t pursue at the time not understanding that body type. She rented me a place first placing me in the commune.
I can’t remember. I might have lived three places. No, it was two. There was a good trip okay when I looked at the ceiling and watched the reflected light on the ceiling. Then there was the trip when I went out past Coach House and down then to meet with a guy to be in a movie and he had this incredible growth on his face around his camera eye and I had to leave.
There were two freak outs?
After and during the second I was prepared and kept control more finding a way to squash trouble and stay out of the way and not do LSD anymore.
Eventually I dealt with my LSD problem on my own.
There really weren’t many people who had an LSD addiction when you look closely at the Drug WAr. Mostly it was an educational experience. Pslocibin, now, wow what a fine drug for serious drug tripping events.
Hashish and Hash Oil, as I have said, are fantastic and pretty much will satisfy all of your drug taking needs if you need to get really high. Certainly cocaine and heroin are not needed if you get to hash oil first.
It is a superior high. I will probably really die early because I am denied hashish. If we move me to a place and create a way for me to get hashish I will live a longer and happier life.
There is no doubt of that.
But back to other stories and issues and lessons of life. Ok, one guy wanted to cut off the guys finger, and the other wanted to give him 30 tabs of bad acid and throw him out on the street, and I needed a car, and asked if he had a car.
He had a car.
We couldn’t go to the cops.
“Why does that wall look like that.” There was a wall in the building that was red of paint, all red. The paint had just been thrown on it.
“That’s the wall where we machine gunned some guys.”

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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